Jul 082012

You may remember way back when, in Episode 14, we had Star Wars artist Joe Hogan on the show. Well, Joe’s been working ever since, and he just released his a motion comic version of his original story “The Siren of Dathomir.” It’s pretty fantastic. If you’re a fan of Star Wars (and you probably are if you’re here), you should definitely check it out. It’s high-quality and really, really well done.

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Dec 062011

It’s time for another interview with The Rag-NERD-rok Crew! This week, we sit down with Star Wars artist Joe Hogan for a discussion about his work, his methodology, and of course, his love of everything Star Wars! Later, our friends Will and Chris join us to sample dried flakes of the dreaded Bhut Jolokia pepper, a demon plant with a Scoville rating of more than one million. Finally, Ryan has written a little story for the rest of the gang, but there are a few blanks that need filling in. Join us for an episode full of spicy segments, dirty jokes, and man-on-Wookiee-on-Yoda action!

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