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This week’s episode covers the very best of the very worst, those films that are just so egregiously bad that they are somehow perverse achievements of genius. We talk about five of our favorite stinkers, the kind of movies that made the careers of Joel Hodsgon and Mike Nelson, and give you the rundown about what’s so awe-inspiringly awful about them. After the break, Meyer, Ryan and Erik put their hairy arms on the line in The Nerd Mom Adhesive Bandage Challenge, a contest to see whose mother knows more about nerdy trivia. Join The Rag-NERD-rok crew and their special guest, Will Wohlsen, as they plumb the depths of crap cinema for the most perfect fecal gems around, but be forewarned: these movies are not for the faint of heart.

(Show notes after the break.)

I. Cold Opening – The Lost Peniscinder Legacy (00:00:00)

Erik tells the tale of how his great-great-grandfather was robbed of his family’s heritage at Ellis Island. Will the great Peniscinder family ever have their revenge on the country that dishonored them? We may never know for sure, but my guess is no.

II. Introduction (00:01:43)

Ed opens the show and introduces our special guest, Will Wohlsen, of “Will Interviews” fame. We prepare ourselves for our journey into the sewers of the silver screen, steeling ourselves against the stench of failure and disappointment.

III. The “Super Mario Brothers” Movie (00:04:35)

“Super Mario Bros.” on IMDb

IV. “Street Fighter” / “Mortal Kombat” Double Feature (00:15:01)

“Street Fighter” on IMDb.

“Mortal Kombat” on IMDb.

V. “Zardoz” (00:27:36)

“Zardoz” on IMDb.

VI. “The Room” (00:38:02)

“The Room” on IMDb.

VII. The Nerd Mom Adhesive Bandage Challenge (00:51:29)

Hear the epic battle of the century as Erik’s Mom, Ryan’s Mom and Meyer’s Mom face off in a battle of nerd trivia! Three rounds of questions, each more difficult than the last, will gauge which mom reigns supreme in the arena of nerdy knowledge! For the winner, a basket of homemade hand soaps, and for the loser’s son, an armful of cheap bandages to tear off, one by one. Listen in to see who wins and who has to rip the top layers of skin off of his arms!

VIII. Outro (01:13:45)

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