Oct 262011

In the most recent episode of Role-playing Public Radio, Ross and Tom, the hosts, plugged a new animated music video that they called “Lovecraftian” and “disturbing.” Now, I don’t know how those words strike you, but the combination of the two intrigues me because it signals an interpretation of Lovecraft done right. I clicked the link in their show notes, and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. If you’ve ever read any of Mr. Lovecraft’s work, you’ll instantly recognize the gut-wrenching and terrifying imagery as the fully-realized forms at which he only hints in his prose. Those of you who don’t dig on H.P. might be a little lost — and even a bit disgusted — but trust me: this is cosmic horror at its essence. And the song’s pretty sweet, too!

The music video showcases a song called “Fantasy,” by electronica artist DyE. The animation was directed by Jérémie Périn.

NOTE: This video is, in no uncertain terms, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. If you have children, get them far, far away from your computer before you play this.

(Video after the break; enter at your own risk.)

Now, honestly — for those of you who clicked PLAY — was that or was that not one of the most horrifying things you’ve ever had to scrub off of your retinas?

Even though I don’t really groove on this sort of thing, this video was really well done. It’s got sex, great animation, and body horror that will make parts you didn’t even know you had crawl up inside your abdomen for shelter. This video is a visual Thanksgiving dinner, even if the turkey has too many legs for most people’s comfort. Be brave and check it out if you haven’t already.

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