Aug 282019
Amerinomicon Art

In this week’s installment of Amerinomicon, there’s a storm coming. Literally.

The group seeks shelter before the storm hits, and finds it with a church. But religion isn’t what it used to be, and sometimes faith can be deadly.

Will the heroes be able to survive the storm? What is waiting for them inside the church? And are people going to remember to wash their hands? Listen to find out!

Jul 032019
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The runaways have decided to help the people of Hope Springs, and in turn help themselves.

Now, they need to get into the police precinct and clear out the people there. But what is waiting for them on the other side of the wall? And will they be able to survive?

Listen to find out!

Oct 302014
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Remigius Alcott Bradshaw had a bright future ahead of him as an anthropologist, until he discovered the Arkham Carvings languishing in the museum at Miskatonic University. At first, they were a tantalizing mystery, a local curiosity with no known culture of origin, a puzzle waiting to be solved. But as the decades drew on and his obsession with the enigmatic tablets grew, he pushed his colleagues and loved ones away, becoming a bitter, reclusive hypochondriac who reveled in the ruins of a promising career. Now, Bradshaw’s nephew Eddie has become a budding young scholar himself, and he wants nothing more than his dear old uncle’s approval. At the urging of his therapist, Dr. Farnsworth, Eddie sets out to complete the work that his uncle could never finish and decipher the tablets. When Eddie’s breakthrough leads the trio on a journey into a lost subterranean city, they soon learn the reason why an entire civilization was sealed away forever, and the true meaning of Bradshaw’s life’s work comes to light.

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Jan 172012


This is the first installment of a four-part retrospective that we like to call Geek Century, in which we examine the evolution of nerd culture in the past hundred years. In this episode, we take a look at some examples of fantasy, science fiction and horror from 1900 to 1925: namely, the works of L. Frank Baum, George Méliès, H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Then, we (finally!) play some voice mails that our listeners have left us, and are left to deal with the psychological traumas they inflict. Put on your beanies and get ready for a blast from the geeky past!

(Show notes after the break.)

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Oct 262011

In the most recent episode of Role-playing Public Radio, Ross and Tom, the hosts, plugged a new animated music video that they called “Lovecraftian” and “disturbing.” Now, I don’t know how those words strike you, but the combination of the two intrigues me because it signals an interpretation of Lovecraft done right. I clicked the link in their show notes, and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. If you’ve ever read any of Mr. Lovecraft’s work, you’ll instantly recognize the gut-wrenching and terrifying imagery as the fully-realized forms at which he only hints in his prose. Those of you who don’t dig on H.P. might be a little lost — and even a bit disgusted — but trust me: this is cosmic horror at its essence. And the song’s pretty sweet, too!

The music video showcases a song called “Fantasy,” by electronica artist DyE. The animation was directed by Jérémie Périn.

NOTE: This video is, in no uncertain terms, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. If you have children, get them far, far away from your computer before you play this.

(Video after the break; enter at your own risk.)

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