Nov 282012

All of us here at Rag-NERD-rok came to a surprising realization a few months ago: apparently we’re pretty good at roleplaying. It never really dawned on us that during those countless hours spent in basements and tents (we’ll get to that in the episode), we were honing a skill. But now here we are with our very own podcast, and people really seem to enjoy the Actual Plays we post. So much so that our APs seem to be more popular than our actual podcasts (which we’re going to keep doing, if only out of spite). We decided to impart some of the skill and knowledge we’ve cultivated through hours of playing, dice-rolling and in-fighting. We talk about how we all conceive and play our characters and even share horror stories from our most infamous games. Later, we all share our favorite stories about Will playing in our games and his foibles.

So join us for this RPG-gasmic episode of RNR!

(Show notes after the jump)

I. Cold Open – Will Ruins Ryan’s Game (00:00:00)

Sometimes there’s just no way to play for the creativity of your players…

II. Roleplaying Tips and Tricks (00:01:37)

We’ve been playing games for a long time now. Between everyone here at RNR, we probably have more than five decades of roleplaying experience (that’s either really cool or really sad, depending on your point of view). We talk about what we each do and think about to make our characters and our different roleplaying styles and offer tips and tricks for players and GMs alike on how to create a character, make sure a party works well together and how to keep things interesting and realistic without the game devolving into a PvP slaughterfest.

After that, we also go over some of our not-so-shining moments from different games and talk about what went wrong and what we would do different. (Hi Paul. Sorry about that time we killed you. Love, Alex and Meyer)

III. Will Stories (01:09:49)

Oh, Will. He’s so lovable and silly. Especially when he’s doing things like: saying the wrong thing, putting himself and his party members in mortal danger, and nothing. Join us as we recant our favorite Will-centric gaming stories and then hear from the man himself about the decisions he made and the actions he took (or didn’t take).

IV. Outro (01:37:40)

And that’s a wrap! Sorry for the extra-long episode, but we can talk about gaming for hours and hours. We actually really held back for this one. It’s a long discussion, but hopefully it’s informative for everyone.

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Interlude: Driver (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 3.0
Outro: Point taken but I’m just going to keep saying ‘cactuses’ anyway (ignatzthemouse) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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  • You know…if you would have involved me in this episode, you could have had 3 more decades of experience…but, whatever….your loss. 🙂

    • RyGuy

      We sowwy, Derek. You can always comment if you’ve got anything you’d like to add. We’d be happy to continue the discussion here for the benefit of our listeners.

      We’ll get you on the show again soon, if we can work it out.

  • Derek

    Nah, no need for sorry! You guys have A LOT of history together at the table. It made for a better conversation. There was no room for more folk trying to make themselved heard. Good show! Beside that, I was happy just being mentioned. 🙂

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