Feb 192014

This week, Alex, Ryan, Meyer, Derek, Ed, James, Chris and Will sit down for a chat about the recently completed Eclipse Phase campaign, The Promethean Chronicles. We cover our favorite moments, the biggest surprises, things we wish we could have done differently, and the ultimate fate of our characters. In addition, Alex discusses some of his ideas that never made it to the table, as well as a proposal for a short sequel campaign. If you’ve enjoyed Alex’s Eclipse Phase games, join us for a look back on the laughs, the violence, and the existential horror that kept us going for 29 sessions!

(Acknowledgements and music credits after the break.)

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  • I feel like I should take notes on this shit.

    Chris definitely had the best character concept. the self-loathing uplift not even in an uplift body. I’ve definitely run into people who don’t fully understand the morph/ego distinction, and that shows total grasp.

    I still loved Skeelax! I remember when you motherfuckers said my screenname for the first time after I’d suggested he buy off the flaw. then again, my name’s Will, so you guys say it un-complimentaryly all the fucking time.

    I think Lucas was my favorite character, ultimately, especially in light of Ryan’s alternate ending for him. Ryan was obviously the player most alert to the intricacies of the EP setting, and for a setting as complicated as EP’s, that counts for a lot.

    Charles Stross is a wizard. you (by which I mean all humans) should check out his Halting State and Rule 34, if you haven’t. super-near future ultra-hard scifi queer lit (written by a straight nerd? go figure) about, among other things, how pervasive augmented reality changes policing. with Iain Banks’ death he’s pry my favorite living author.

    I was gonna say something about how you guys are just too mean to Will sometimes but then we had “Muslim” as a language and passive/aggressive and I realized there was no way to be too mean

    umm. this is actually the second iteration of this comment, I kept my thoughts in realtime while listening and then managed to delete them seconds before posting. what was my conclusion last time around:

    in summation: fanks much for running this shit, Alex, for the time you put in and the time you guys collectively put into publishing it. I’m definitely discriminating when it comes to the things I plug my ears into, and what you kids do is way out on the far end of great. stay charming! I look forward to whatever you do next.

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