Oct 092019
Dueling Gods Path Art

It’s time for another Spooktober Spooktacular! 

This week, James runs us through a special episode of his Deadlands campaign. Some of our heroes awake to find themselves in a strange and dangerous land.

Will they be able to survive in this deadly place and make it back alive? And will any of this have any bearing on the regular campaign (it won’t)? Listen to find out!

Sep 252019
Dueling Gods Path Art

Holed up in a small town, the party is besieged by evil forces. A horseman is here, and he doesn’t want to play nice.

Will the team be able to defeat this new foe? And will they be able to make it to the City of Lost Angels? Listen to find out!

Sep 112019
Dueling Gods Path Art

This week, the heroes make their way to the City of Lost Angels. They make a stop along the way, and things go very smoothly.

Stuck between a demon and an immortal, what will the group do? Will they be able to save this small town? And who, exactly, is looking for them?

Listen to find out!

Jan 302019
Rag-NERD-rok Logo

A group of unlikely companions are brought together to do a job at the behest of “the government.” Which government isn’t exactly clear. Nor is the job.

A small town in the mountains has a problem: people there are experiencing nightmares. And because all of the people brought together have…an unusual attachment to the unusual, they are being sent to investigate. 

But before they can do the job, they need to get to the town of Merry. And that might be more difficult than it seems. 

This is the first episode in Rag-NERD-rok’s Pilot Season! Here’s how it works:

We’re each going to run the first game of different campaigns. Once they’re all done, you, the listener, will vote for your favorite two. Those two will be the next campaigns we run! 

This week’s game is being run in Savage Worlds: Deadlands Reloaded by James. Remember to vote at the end of the Pilot Season for your favorites!