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Five transhumans, each with a unique skillset, meet aboard a traveling space city called the Ecstatic Metamorphosis. Each of them is there for a different reason, but a message from Firewall brings them together for a common cause. Rumor has it that someone is selling a dangerous weapon on the black market, and now it’s up to them to find out what it is and destroy it at all costs.

Join the Rag-NERD-rok Crew for humor, horror and some tense combat in this Eclipse Phase Actual Play!

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(NOTE: The scenario “Mind the WMD” was written by Rob Boyle, and it appears in the Eclipse Phase Quick Start Rules. For more information about the game, its author and how you can get a copy, visit the Eclipse Phase website here. It’s a wonderful game; if you need proof, just listen to our AP.)


GAVIN GLADWELL/Meyer: After he survived The Fall, Gavin found himself alone in the universe, and had to rely on his quick wits and his silver tongue to get by. Since then, he’s been making his way as a con artist and small-time criminal. Gavin became a Firewall agent during a mysterious “outbreak” on a Lunar outpost, which left him so disturbed that he had his memory of it psychosurgically erased.

LUCAS GUERRA / Ryan: A tenacious fighter with an insatiable craving for violence, Lucas makes his living as an ego hunter for security hypercorp Direct Action. During The Fall, Lucas served on the squads managing the evacuation, and although he escaped without having to resleeve, he is still haunted by the memories of what he had to do, even though he’s had them scrubbed long ago. Lucas came aboard the Ecstatic Metamorphosis in order to settle a contract.

A completely legitimate entoptic window displaying the bank information of a Fred. C. Fakename.

“We have to make it look like we’ve got the money to buy whatever it is she’s selling!” (Original Photo by Generaal Gibson.)

AMIR SEKTIOUI / Will: Amir has grown accustomed to the loneliness of space travel over the past two decades, during which time he’s been working his way across the solar system, doing odd jobs. More recently, he began working as a bodyguard and security specialist. Firewall has also made use of his services as a hired gun. Amir is currently looking for work aboard the Ecstatic Metamorphosis.

ZORA MÖLLER / Derek: Zora is a crusader for the causes of social justice and liberty who considers it her personal duty to bring the fight to the hypercorp tyrants of the inner system. A born saboteur, she infiltrates habitats run by hypercorp interests in order to spread dissent among their populations. Firewall tapped her as an agent when one of her missions exposed an exsurgent infection, and she’s been with them ever since. Currently, she is looking for some supplies for her cell’s next mission.

ELIS MENEZES / James: A former infugee, Jovian synth slave and gatecrasher, Elis has weathered more storms in her life than she’d care to count. She came into contact with Firewall in the course of her extra-solar escapades when she and her team stumbled on some alien artifacts. She retired from gatecrashing shortly after this, and is now living among the scum, immersing herself in their culture. Elis is a tech enthusiast and infosec expert.

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • We are currently playing EP and this too was our first campaign. We have fighter that is an uplifted gorilla, who makes the worst rolls, our own ship with an indentured servant, Thorne savant morph how dose tech things, and me – sylph something – The bullshiter of the group. It will be interesting to see what you all did compared to us. Right now we got the WMD, their ship has taken off, and we are making our back to our ship with some cargo. The gorilla is in fight with other monkeys for a bar fight he had earlier.

  • Chados

    Now that I’m current with the Call of Cthulhu, Dungeon World, and Better Angels campaigns, I’m finally listening to the Eclipse Phase campaign. Really liking the start and can’t wait to listen to the rest of them. Holy shit, Will was awesome in this one. Big damn heroes.

    • Alex

      He really was. But…don’t get used to it.
      And I hope you enjoy the campaign!

      • Amir Sektoui: everyone’s favorite bullet sponge!

        *sigh* I miss our EP characters sometimes. Lucas was so much fun to play, especially when there was violence.

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