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Every spring, the indigenous nerd population of Long Island flocks to the Suffolk County campus of Stony Brook University for I-Con, a geeky gathering that has very little to do with endocrinology. Here, some engage in rituals known as “panels,” each with its own topic, in which panelists and audience members sometimes compete fiercely for dominance. Some take part in a display of plumage known as “cosplay,” in which they dress as characters from a movie, video game or TV show that they enjoy, possibly in order to attract a mate. Rare and exotic creatures known as “guests” move silently among the con-goers, sometimes pausing gracefully to sign autographs or give interviews. Finally, there is the dealer floor, a social gathering place where merchants build elaborate nests with the shiniest implements they can find. Join the guys in The Rag-NERD-rok Crew for an exciting glimpse at nerds in their natural habitat: I-Con!

(Get to the part of the show notes where I drop this ridiculous conceit after the break!)

I. Cold Open – Gum Preferences of Sci-Fi Stars (00:00:00)

If you’ve ever been curious to learn what kind of gum the stars of science fiction like to chew, then this is the panel for you. (Just be careful about asking too many questions. The panelist gets rather impatient.)

II. Introduction (00:01:05)

Ed introduces the episode, Ryan and Alex give us an update on Erik and his honeymoon with the butt-loving aliens from Space Vegas, and Meyer just is. Also, we leave a couple of Ed’s mistakes in the final recording in order to shame him into being a better host. (For an email address where you can heap your scorn and derision upon him, see the end of these show notes.)

III. I-Con 31 Discussion, Part I (00:05:00)

Dealers and panels and Martians with death rays
Spending the day playing games of Eclipse Phase
Cute Pegasisters with bright yellow wings
These are a few of our favorite things:


  • Alex and Ed: Nana Visitor’s Panel
  • Ryan: BroNYC Group Meetup
  • Meyer: Sci-Fi Drinking Songs with Marc Gunn (see below)


  • Alex and Ryan: The 1.5 games of Eclipse Phase that they played in the gaming room
  • Ed and Meyer: The Who Shot First panel, featuring a criminologist and the subject of Ed’s interview in our next section!

IV. Interview with Paul Blake (00:30:55)

Ed sits down for a few minutes with Mr. Paul Blake, the actor who played Greedo in Star Wars: A New Hope, to discuss the bounty hunter’s past, his motivations, and just who exactly shot first in his notorious face-off with Han Solo. Check it out!

V. I-Con 31 Discussion, Part II (00:35:40)

Doctors and Daleks and Kira and Greedo
Readings of fanfics that kill your libido
Stony Brook’s campus in the early spring
These are a few of our favorite things:


  • Alex: The panel on game mastering that he went to with Ryan
  • Ed: “You’re Doing It Wrong,” an panel dedicated to nerdy griping
  • Ryan: Designing the Perfect Survival Bunker, et al.
  • Meyer: Adobe Illustrator panel, Breaking into the Comic Book Business

VI. Rag-NERD-rok Rates I-Con 31 (00:56:40)

Everyone’s a critic, and we here at Rag-NERD-rok are no exceptions. Here are our final ratings for I-Con this year:

Ryan: 4 out of 5 Glorious Deaths in Battle

Alex: 4 out of 5 Glorious Deaths in Battle

Meyer: 3 out of 5 Glorious Deaths in Battle

Ed: 4 out of 5 Glorious Deaths in Battle

VII. I-Con 31 Interviews (01:14:25)

Ed talks to such varied and illustrious imaginary people as Wario, The Doctor, A Guy from A Space 1889 Game, Fluttershy and Mike Natale’s Dad! Hear what they have to say about their appearances at the con, find out what they think I-Con stands for, and giggle at their befuddlement when we ask them about Rag-NERD-rok! (Also, enjoy the non-stop “harmonious” vamping that is our theme song, played for nearly five continuous minutes!)

VIII. Outro (01:19:17)

If you enjoyed the show—or, if you’re furious with Ed for screwing up the intro so badly—give us a shout! You can (dis)Like us on Facebook, stalk us on Twitter, harass us via email, or leave us filthy messages by calling (516) 362 – NERD [6373]. You can also download our podcast via iTunes!

If you’re interested in hearing any of the games we recorded and posted online before we started this podcast, as well as some other great Actual Play recordings, head on over to the Role Playing Public Radio Community AP site! Here’s where you can find all our games, as well as the Call of Cthulhu scenario we mentioned in the episode.

Featured Music and SFX:

First Interlude: Axe Cop: The Song, by Rhythm Bastard
Second Interlude: A Drop of Vulcan Blood, by Marc Gunn
Outro: Close Your Eyes, by Marc Gunn

All music in this episode was used with the permission of the recording artists. Check out their websites! They do great work.


Sound effects in this episode were provided by: oniwe, Shades, qubodup and FreqMan of Freesound.org.

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