Feb 082017

Because you can’t use the eff word on iTunes! A group of wandering adventurers (and their extended families, who are following close behind and could be ready to join the quest at a moment’s notice) wander into a village where some of the local children have gone missing. Being the helpful sort, or perhaps just sensing the possibility of a reward, they set off to investigate some mysterious ruins not too far away, where the villagers believe that nefarious cultists practice unspeakable rites. What is actually in the maze-like hidden dungeon?

Traps. Lots and lots of traps.

Can these brave heroes (and their progressively more foolhardy relatives) escape with their lives? Will they ever find the missing children? And what does the mysterious sentient penis have to do with any of it? Listen to find out!

Apr 242012

Every spring, the indigenous nerd population of Long Island flocks to the Suffolk County campus of Stony Brook University for I-Con, a geeky gathering that has very little to do with endocrinology. Here, some engage in rituals known as “panels,” each with its own topic, in which panelists and audience members sometimes compete fiercely for dominance. Some take part in a display of plumage known as “cosplay,” in which they dress as characters from a movie, video game or TV show that they enjoy, possibly in order to attract a mate. Rare and exotic creatures known as “guests” move silently among the con-goers, sometimes pausing gracefully to sign autographs or give interviews. Finally, there is the dealer floor, a social gathering place where merchants build elaborate nests with the shiniest implements they can find. Join the guys in The Rag-NERD-rok Crew for an exciting glimpse at nerds in their natural habitat: I-Con!

(Get to the part of the show notes where I drop this ridiculous conceit after the break!)

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Sep 022011

On our last podcast episode, we sat down with good friend and long-time game master Chuck Rozakis for a discussion about world building and storytelling. As a supplement to the pointers he gave during the interview, Chuck has sent us a list of some very helpful tips for those of you who want to design your own game worlds. They’re insightful, practical and definitely worth a look.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing Chuck’s book about loopholes and imbalances in D&D 3.5, “The Broken Rules Compendium,” it is available through iTunes or Lulu as a paperback and an eBook.

(Chuck’s world building tips after the break.)

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Sep 012011

Since the dark, awkward days of our early adolescence, we of the Rag-NERD-rok Crew have enjoyed tabletop role-playing games. During that period of nascent nerdliness, when we first scoured the hobby shops of Long Island for polyhedral dice and White Wolf source books, our game master was Chuck Rozakis, and the campaigns he ran were the stuff of legends. Playing alongside us, testing the boundaries of the game system and of Chuck’s resolve at every possible turn, was our friend Paul Faldetta, who took min-maxing and elevated it to a practiced art form. In this week’s episode, we sit down with Chuck and Paul for a discussion about how to create exciting worlds for your players to explore and entertaining games for them to enjoy, as well as how to take those carefully laid plans and burn them to ashes in a searing, white-hot monster hug of abysmal flame.

(Show notes after the break.)

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