Aug 012012

In the first episode of the Godfire arc, Proxy Man in Black dispatches the team to the Martian city of Olympus to root out an arm of the rogue organization known as the Prometheus Syndicate. With only one lead to follow, the Sentinels head to a bar where members of the Barsoomian movement are known to congregate. They’ll have to infiltrate the movement, posing as rusters and revolutionaries, in order to find the trail of former Sentinel Blake Diaz. Can they survive a world of bitter oppression and building violence, or will they find themselves on the wrong side of an exploding class conflict? Listen in to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • Citadel

    Awesome, it continues!

    Electrifying the cage in the scum barge was a nice touch. Ryan tore it up as Lucas, as usual. I think its a nice touch he’s sleeved as a female redhead while he beat up ‘the boulder’.

    That bar scene got 10 times funnier in retrospect when we find out they were talking to the wrong guy. Don’t mean to offend but, gah, Myer, you’re a terrible con man! XD Lucky you had tac net to hear other suggestions. Might I suggest you get creative, do some research on who you’re trying to con, work out what they want, then work that angle?. Derek was awfully good natured about being shot. Sucks to be an uplift in EP, I guess, but it was a good idea for him to go to the bar pretending not to be with Gavin.

    Love the title of the ep, reeeally want to know what this ‘godfire’ is.

    • Meyer

      Listen Citadel.

      You are right I am a terrible con man. Personally I’m not very charming and I’m terrible with words. I also have no idea what I’m doing.

      There is one thing you have to realize and that’s when we are playing a game we are trying to have fun while trying to make a interesting game. I have never been able to find the right words to say right away. I have always had to think about what I was to say for a couple of seconds. And that is dead air. And this is all audio. Which would mean that would be awful for you listeners.

      As for your ‘get creative’ comment. I take great offense to that. As a artist I think that is THE greatest insult you can say to me. Yes as a con man I’m ineffective but I play just to have fun. As well as have the rest of my friends have fun. Even with all our mistakes we are still having fun as well as telling a good enjoyable story.

      In the end of the day that’s all it’s about right? We enjoy playing and you enjoy listening. So I don’t understand how I’m not being creative.

      But thanks for listening. I’m glad you are enjoying it. And there should be more of Godfire coming out soon.

      • Citadel

        Whoah, really sorry. Honestly didn’t mean to offend you. Of course you’re doing this for fun, no one should expect some kind of flawless standard out of you, and I don’t. I meant to comment on how that particular situation played out, hopefully as a playful jab at you, but clearly I’ve hurt you, and I’m sorry for that. A mistake on my part.

        As for the ‘get creative’ comment, I only threw it in there so I would be offering suggestions rather than just criticizing. I didn’t know you were an artist, and certainly never intended to insult you. Nor do I think you’re not creative, especially considering lots of other scenes in this podcast. The intent was to help. In retrospect, it seems like unsolicited advice, which can be pretty annoying. So, again, sorry.

        Anyway, you guys are a fun group to listen to, and I look forward to your next zany adventure.

  • Derek

    Hey Citidel! Thanks for listening and commenting. I enjoy the fact that people are enjoying the fun outside of folks in the game. My inner narcissist is quite pleased! 🙂

    Now onto the game, I WAS good natured about the critical leg loss. I think you have to take injuries like this in stride…plus, it was my turn to take some heavy damage for a change. 🙂 I’m just happy I was able to throw out a good one-liner before hand! On the other hand, I didn’t think I was ACTUALLY going to get hit!! LOL Either way, I did it to play a part in the plan and help out the team. Same as entering by myself, classic con strategy. And it helped Gavin get in with the crew, so it was a noble loss. 🙂

    As far as the uplift thing goes, I guess it’s hard playing an uplift…but that could be said for any type really. Depending on where in the universe you are, any one of us could be the victim of racial hatred or whatnot. What makes it more difficult for my character is the fact that he has no desire to hide it. I mean, he travels around in a build that is INDEED a chimpanzee dressed as Kevin Kline from SILVERADO! 🙂 He ASKS for people to look at him funny and that, in turn, puts him in a position of power (in his own mind).

    Glad you like what we’re doing…and thanks for giving me a shout-out. My ego thanks you!

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