Jun 272012

In this week’s installment of Alex’s Eclipse Phase game, the boys pursue Roland Heinrikson to the quarantined Lunar colony of New Mumbai. There, they explore the airless tomb of a corporate security bunker, and ultimately, confront Heinrikson. However, the TITAN-corrupted monstrosity they find with Heinrikson is more terrifying than they could have imagined. As if a battle with The Man from Earth wasn’t enough, four splicer soldiers also join the fray, evidently members of the mysterious third party that has dogged their every step since their first encounter aboard Ecstatic Metamorphosis. Get ready for an all-out battle for the fate of transhumanity in the epic conclusion to “You Can’t Go Home!”

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  • crawlkill

    you cannot go wrong with Know Evil references! Caleb is going to OVERWRITE the canon vision of Eclipse Phase when he publishes that shit. everyone will just use Know Evil as the end-all magical EP world tour.

  • Citadel

    Poor Roland, I’ll bet he just wanted a hug. Wish we’d heard more of his plans or motivations, but I think it was always going to end in severed limbs and agonizers. He couldn’t ever go home.
    That argument over whether to talk or fight is a roleplaying classic; I think all groups have that debate at one point or other. I usually want to talk, then someone pulls a weapon 😛

    Great job saving the day, looking forward to the next ep. And the Eclipse phase reference was indeed sweet.

    • RyGuy

      Alex told us a secret after the game: Roland’s plan was to return to Earth and rally all of the TITAN remnants with his new superhuman nanobot powers. It would have been a Game Over for transhumanity. I suppose you could argue that if we had talked to him, we might have persuaded him that such a course of action was unwise, but from my perspective, he was a megalomaniacal exsurgent ex-threat who unwittingly spread death and terror anywhere he went. Even if we did talk him out of it, he was bad news bears for any hab that happened to be unlucky enough to count him among its population.

      So I shot him. Repeatedly.

      I would also like to point out that I, too, enjoyed Alex’s reference to Know Evil. Caleb is my hero, and he deserves all the allusions.

      All of them.

    • Alex

      I should have explained everything about Roland while we were recording, but I didn’t think of that. Sorry. Totally my bad. So if you want, here’s his story.


      Roland was trapped on Earth during the Fall. He survived for years while running for the TITANs. He found a safe-ish place to settle down and found a shuttle. He spent years scrounging up parts and getting it operational. Days before the station fell to Earth and broke the Interdiction Field, Roland found a spare biomorph in a pod and forked himself into it. What he didn’t know was that the biomorph was infected with a rare Exsurgent Virus strain. It laid dormant until he came into contact with TITAN technology.

      When the station fell, Roland figured it could be his last chance to get off of Earth. With his alpha fork as a co-pilot, they managed to break the Interdiction Field and make it to Blue Marble, where they were welcomed with open arms.

      What the guys didn’t find on the other half of Blue Marble that they didn’t explore was documentation showing that the scientists on Blue Marble were conducting research into the Exsurgent Virus, specifically, they were trying to make a vaccine. One of the Reclaimers who traveled to Earth was infected with a very weak strain, and the scientists were studying it. One of them (the man Roland’s fork shook hands with in the vid), was accidentally exposed right before Roland arrived. When the Exsurgent-infected fork shook hands with the Exsurgent-infected man, it activated both viruses. The containers of virus in the lab burst open and infected everyone. The Roland fork was the only one who survived.

      Every time he came into contact with a piece of TITAN technology, the virus inside him evolved, becoming more complex and gaining another level of programming. For Roland, this meant physical, as well as mental, changes. He didn’t mean to make the virus or the Warbots kill people, but he did.

      On Luna, the horrible, horrible computer was running incredibly detailed predictive scenarios, crunching vast amounts of data to create the most accurate prediction possible for myriad possible events. Roland was one of those possibilities. He interfaced with the computer, and his programming was changed again. And this time he knew what he had to do.

      If they hadn’t have stopped him, he would have made his way back to Earth. Once there, all the TITAN remnants would have rallied around him. As a single force, they could have easily broken through the Interdiction Field, which would have been pretty bad for transhumanity.

      Now that the players have also found who was dogging them (the Prometheus Syndicate), they now have to deal with that: rogue Firewall Sentinels who are trying to gather and study TITAN tech rather than destroy it. So stay tuned as I start to roll out the next arc of my Eclipse Phase campaign, Godfire.

      • Citadel

        Thanks for taking the time to explain the background. Seems that horrible, horrible computer was even more horrible than expected, and using violence was the best course. Roland was strange for an exurgent infected in that he seemed to retain much of his humanity, which made me wonder whether he was infected by it or something stranger was going on. But I guess in the world of Eclipse Phase, wise men shoot repeatedly first and comb the data feeds for clues later.

        I suspect the next chapter will re-enforce this, with the rogue firewall agents no doubt unleashing something awful. Godfire is a great name, can’t wait 🙂

  • Chados

    I was agreeing with Ryan while listening to this one, shoot that Titan-infected fucker, with extreme prejudice.

    Man, and there were several spots in this episode where a roll was made -and it seemed like an important roll- that I was saying “Moxie. Moxie it!” out loud.

    Great fun, and I’m glad you explained some of the backstory, Alex.

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