Jul 102013

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, a dopey duo of dog-nappers, a severely dysfunctional family, and the zombie apocalypse collide in what can only be called a Fiasco! Wilson and “Mustang,” former high school football stars, have turned to a life of petty crime, kidnapping local pets and returning them for the reward money. Their nefarious scheme leads them to target their former rival Samson, a good looking but dim-witted gold digger who married Blanche, the town’s wealthiest woman, and “traded” her teenage daughter Alexandra to the local reverend in return for a Pomeranian puppy. When the dead inexplicably begin rising from the grave in order to consume living flesh, this absurd melodrama turns into an all-out battle for survival that will lead these five characters to confront their darkest secrets and innermost fears. Can they put aside their differences in order to survive the end times, or will they find themselves next on the menu? Listen to find out!

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