Jul 232014
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This week, The Titor House lands in Nazca, Peru in the not-too-distant past, and the gang is ready for another zany mission in an exotic locale. However, when Mrs. Wells fails to turn up at breakfast and Freddie begins acting strangely civil, they soon discover that this will be an assignment like no other. It seems that Freddie has been here before, as the unwilling guest of an Adversarial wizard masquerading as a Peruvian drug lord, and after he was freed by a group of time travelers, he watched himself die. Knowing that their comrade is walking straight to his own demise, Dan, Malcolm, Patrick, Jack and Tyger do their best to mend fences and put their conflicts with Freddie in the past. But can they infiltrate a cartel stronghold and rescue Young Freddie without creating any grievous errors in the space-time continuum? Listen to find out!

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