Jul 302014
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Tired of being humiliated at the hands of the Fear Force Five, Apex City’s beleaguered mayor creates a new team of municipal superheroes to combat the threat of villainy plaguing his constituents. The members of the Triple-F are nothing if not crafty, however, and they soon devise a plan that will allow them to study their new enemies from a safe distance. Using their newest recruit Schadenfreude as bait, they stage a villainous interruption at a ceremony to commemorate the achievements of Apex City’s senior citizens. But when Schadenfreude makes a hash out of the operation, will the rest of the villains stand idly by as innocents suffer, or will they step in to keep the collateral damage low? Moreover, can they surreptitiously gather some dirt on their enemies without revealing themselves? Listen to find out.

Campaign Navigator: Better Angels – “Apex City / Bulbous Quarry Capers”

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  • Whyco

    Holy cow, Ed! Good RP’ing!

  • Chris

    erick HAS to play again now. I need to see how he handles the situation you’ve put his character into.

  • crawlkill

    oh, man. y’know the dog who played Wishbone died about ten years ago? I’m full-throttle behind a reboot using the same actor, though. LICHBONE.

    this shit got so, so dark. I don’t have the beeest relationship with my parents, and I wonder often how I’ll feel when they reach late-life care status. Ed’s character seems to spasm back and forth between being a realistically conflicted loser and a total monster–they’re both fun to listen to, but the first one is actually chilling.

    I love this shit, please draw this campaign out as long as agonizingly possible

  • Omega

    Ed should win some kind of award for most dramatic shift from “comic relief guy” to “darkest guy”. It was quick as a whip, too.

    Your discussion of the degree of the crime was mostly on (On my last year of my Criminal Justice Degree, here). Cold-blooded isn’t necessarily the sole definition of first degree homicide, but is a part of it. That involves killing with forethought and not immediate emotional provocation. If he was ever to be charged with it, Ed’s character would probably get negligent homicide, since the situation was caused by entering a situation he should have known was dangerous and then proceeding to do nothing. I know it’s not a one-to-one correlation for sins but it’s a good barometer. Also, not entirely sure, but I think that in some jurisdictions, any deaths caused in the commission of a felony automatically bump to 1st degree homicide.

    • Is turning into a terrifying giant considered a felony?

      • Pretty sure Omega was just mentioning felony murder for future reference. I mean, this is us. It’s going to come up sooner or later.

      • Omega

        Strictly speaking, Ed, I’m pretty sure there’s not actually a law about it. If there is, it’s probably a old city or state law (So, y’know, Alex could say it is. I know that in Florida, where I live currently, it’s illegal to “park” an elephant in the street, or something to that effect. Specific local laws are just open season). The terrifying part might count as like, “reckless endangerment” or something. Perhaps very liberal application of anti-terrorism laws. Being giant probably isn’t illegal unless you’re actually damaging something. Unless you get so tall that you violate FAA regulations and need to get one of those blinking red lights on your head.

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