Mar 112015
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This week on Rag-NERD-rok, we have a bit of a departure from our usual fare: a Let’s Play of the storytelling board game, “Tales of the Arabian Nights!” Join our heroes as they set off from Baghdad on various quests and build their adventures with luck, cunning, and an array of random encounter tables. Will Ryan eat a meal on every continent? Can Alex find the mysterious love of his dreams? Will Erik inherit his father’s riches? Can Meyer refute a vizier’s terrible accusations? Find out, as they misunderstand their reaction matrices, accumulate contradictory status effects, and journey onward toward destiny!

  • I’d heard about this! seems okay. kinda cries out for a digital edition with less pageflipping, and it does seem like once you start to learn the outcomes it might get a little stale.

  • Omega

    “Omega hates rules”
    100% true, I lean very minarchist/anarchist IRL

    On the other hand, I luuurve mechanics. Mechanics mean I can tinker with stuff. Means I’m not making it up on my own 100% of the time.

    • Omega

      Also, this is actually a great sounding game. If it had a virtual/digital version I’d love to pick it up, since I don’t have gaming friends locally (we skype game instead) but it does sound like something up my alley.

      Hope you try some more things like this in the future. Cards Against Humanity makes a decent game to record so long as you read aloud all the cards. The downside is you have to read aloud all the cards.

      • Erik

        Glad you liked it! I was honestly a little worried that something like this wouldn’t be as well-received as our usual APs, but I tend to worry about silly things that probably shouldn’t be worried about.

        We actually normally read all the cards when we play CAH. Is that weird? I’d totally be down for recording a session of CAH myself. Honestly I tend to be more of a board gamer than a tabletop RPG guy nowadays, so any opportunity to play around with that is incredibly welcome to me.

        • Omega

          No, it’s normal, it’s just that CAH is a terrible game for terrible people, and thus the cards are all really terrible. I say this as a regular winner of CAH among my circle of friends. Not that it’s much worse than some other things that have been said on the podcast, but y’know, your voices could soon be forever preserved as saying “Nipple Blades”, “Biggest Blackest Dick” or “Inserting a Mason Jar Into My Anus” on the internet.

        • what you should do is have a hand of CAH dealt to all players during all APs, and whenever someone gets up to go to the bathroom, just play one or two rounds while you wait

          • Chris

            I like this idea very much.

  • Unit Omega

    So, listened to this one again recently – it’s a great little episode. I’d love to hear more of it, or any similar games you’ve got lying around.

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