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In the cyberpunk future, when shady mega-corporations have the world in a chokehold, net-jackers and cyber-criminals make their living the only way they know how. Drex Hardline and his team of hackers, TekBunni and Terra-Flash, decide to break into the Cronos Biochem building intending to toss the company’s servers for corporate secrets that they can sell off for a quick payday. What they don’t know, however, is that Drex cut a deal with Mr. Q-Bit, President of Cronos’ Prisoner Rehabilitation program, selling out his two compatriots in exchange for a cushy job and a fresh start. Two years after their disastrous run, TekBunni has been uploaded to a time-dilated virtual prison where she’s serving three consecutive life sentences, and Terra-Flash, who was assumed dead after an explosion, has been replaced with a reprogrammed clone that is completely loyal to Cronos. When a scarred cyborg calling himself The Laughing Saint approaches Drex, now a VP working for Q-Bit, he’ll have to choose between his new life and the friends he betrayed to get it. Will these gritty anti-heroes get a second chance to make one last run? Listen to this unbelievably cyberpunk Fiasco to find out!

This Fiasco was created using the playset “Hard Wired,” by Alex Mayo. And as a special bonus, for those of you who have asked that we do so in the past, we recorded the character generation portion of the game, which can be found here.

  • NextLevel2

    The character development episode was awesome- I am glad you posted that because I love bonus episodes and hearing the ins and outs of rpg because I never get a chance to play. You guys always make me laugh and I’m already a huge fan of this pre-show teaser. I just talked another rpg show into doing this not long ago because they cut their episodes too short so it’s weird how you guys put this out at the same time.

    Ryan’s tech bunny character reminded me of a Japanese shōjo girl from an anime, in fact the whole actual play reminded me of a Japanese anime like Kite Liberator or Aeon Flux with a ragnerdrok twist of course. Your fiascos are always the best around not many others play this or even heard of it. It’s also easier to follow than dungeons and dragons which I fucking suck at big time.

    The story of James’s friend thinking Will was black was hilarious, there always has to be one black guy in a script, I guess Will fits the role perfectly 😉 it’s ok, people thought I am Egyptian or Italian *surprised face* I still don’t know why haha!

    In reference to the chime comment I made in one of the last comments… I have no idea why’d you think I was ever complaining about that! I’m too carefree, ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’. I think you should always be yourselves and never edit things like that. That’s what is so cool about this show, you aren’t afraid to goof off, do incredibly entertaining accents, burp freely, go off topic, leave in the messups – I encourage all these things because it’s human nature to not be perfect all the time.

    Great show as always, keep doing your thing.

  • so when Bioshock Infinite came out I was as bamboozled by its bullshit “complex” narrative as everyone and was way excited to see “Ravanche du Jedi” as the title of RotJ in the Paris rift, because of course Revenge of the Jedi was the working title, but not the released title. I did a little research, though, and apparently some of the early French cinematic releases didn’t get the memo and released the film under the title Ravanche du Jedi (the ultimate French title was Le retour du jedi). way, WAY more interesting than that was the fact that the Tears for Fears song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” was playing in the background, which wouldn’t be released until 1985, two years -after- Return of the Jedi was released nationwide. so either Tears for Fears was ahead of its own time in that tear for absolutely no reason, a Paris theater was deliberately showing Return of the Jedi under the wrong name several years after its initial theatrical release for absolutely no reason, or, as the whole rest of the plot of that godawful game suggests, the people responsible for the final cut just kind of cobbled things together without thinking about a single fucking one of them. I also appear to be the only person ever to have noticed this very obvious release date bafflement in a game constantly praised and hyperexamined for its “sophisticated” storytelling. fuck. Bioshock. Infinite. fuck it right to death.

    great Fiasco, though, as usual.

  • 17 years later: “Actually, Bunni, Alana was real, but I had to tell you she was a program or you would’ve tried to go back for her. It’s OK, though, she’s dead now. A thousand years in subjective time and she never stopped asking about you. Died of vat rot. It’s so hard to find a good vat maintenance tech, and Terra’s clone was the best.”

    • Ohhhh, there would be so much violence. You have no idea!

      Definitely a plot bunny for the purposefully unresolved sequel hook that we put in at the end. 😀

    • oh my god

      transhumanism really is an outlet for limitless horror

  • prototyper

    Any chance you folks could do an AP of an actual Cyberpunk 2020 game? It’s 25 this year!! C’mon, give it some love!! Keep up the great work!!

    • We’ve got a lot of stuff that’s waiting to be wrapped up at the moment, so I don’t want to make any promises, but I’d love to check it out at some point. In the meantime, there’s been talk of Alex running a Shadowrun game when his Better Angels campaign is over.

      I do agree that we could use more cyberpunk in our gaming repertoire, though.

  • NextLevel

    Thought I’d share a character-drawing I made inspired by Meyer’s character Terra-Flash (as well as James’ character Terra-Flash Prime). I also shared it up on a google plus community Anikaku (Anime Artists) . Later on I want to also make one of Ryan’s character TekBunni 🙂

    • That’s awesome. But where did the arm sword come from?

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