Oct 212015
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It’s opening night of Waiting for Godot (The Musical!) at the Blue Box Theater, and the house is packed—with zombies! With the dead rising, it should hardly matter that the show’s writer / composer / director / producer is having a whirlwind showmance with the actor playing Estragon, or that he gave the role of Vladimir, which he had written for himself, to an amazingly talented newcomer. Now, the cast and crew will have to set aside the petty drama if they want to survive. Will they be able to pull off a graceful exit, or will backstage squabbles bring down the curtain, permanently?

This Fiasco was created using the Break A Leg! playset by Megan Pedersen and John Kelly, as well as the Living Dead Fiasco add-on by James Gabrielsen. If you would like to listen to the set-up for this game, check it out here.

  • crawlkill

    it amuses me far more than it should that Ed is a theater nerd. somehow the best line of the night here was him saying “oh, no, we have to be community theater. we can’t be a college troupe. there’s a modicum of professionalism there.”

    • All three of us did theater in high school, actually. But Ed took it a step further and studied it in college, too. So he wins our Theater Nerd title.

      • I was half a drama major in college, but only because the theater program at Hopkins hadn’t quite separated yet from the writing seminars department when I had to declare.

        • crawlkill

          I did theater in high school, myself, but just because I’m a loud blowhard who likes the sound of his own voice. as my comment history under this username can attest.

      • ErikRNR

        Hey, I was temporarily a drama major too!

  • Chados

    I don’t think your Fiasco games ever fail to amaze, guys.No matter what the subject, they are always top-notch.

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