Oct 142015
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

Three insomniacs are catapulted into a nightmare when their overnight flight from Seattle to New York crash lands in The Mad City. Captain Julio Garcia, the plane’s pilot, has been awake for days on end due to jet lag and demanding work schedules. Sheldon Toomy, a down-and-out stock broker with a gambling problem, finds himself on the cusp of starting a new life when a local mafia boss entrusts him to play courier for an important shipment. Finally, Adam Chadwick, former Marine and survivor of the War in Afghanistan, is on the run from the police after a roadside confrontation ended in a double homicide. With the other passengers seemingly caught between realities, they’ll need to work together in order to return to The City Slumbering. Can they survive a confrontation with The Tacks Man’s Pinheads, or will they find themselves on the wrong side of a supernatural bureaucracy?

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