Nov 112015
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Last week, the S*P*A*M*S investigated a series of mysterious disappearances in Albuquerque, New Mexico, all tied to a medical supply company with a dark secret. Due to a conflict of interest between self-preservation and ultimately solving the mystery, the elderly sleuths retreated to Wisconsin, leaving a new group of investigators to clean up their mess. Now, three Albuque police officers will pick up where the S*P*A*M*S left off, pursuing the terrifying cult of La Sangre to its ultimate stronghold in the Mexican desert. Can they stop a voracious otherworldly entity from fully penetrating our reality, or will they, too, be swept aside by its agents?

  • Chados

    Still working through episodes- haven’t been listening to many lately.. Interesting game, here! How did the Will/Fate rules work out? I see there is another episode with W/F, but then the new SPAMS are Monster of the Week?

    Lol, I did like how the retirees were all like “Fuck this, let’s get out of here!” after the reveal. I can’t imagine any of the characters going into Mexico to investigate. You almost need something like Delta Green, or some younger characters(?) to do the border-crossing escapades like you normally see in Call of Cthulhu. The story in this one did seem like a better fit for CoC.

    Still, very entertaining! I am a fan of the SPAMS.

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