Feb 102016
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The Hidden Concern, the criminal syndicate of uplifted octopodes who rule the oceans of Ceres, are hosting an exclusive auction with a million-credit buy-in, and many of the major factions in the Inner System are sending representatives. Up for bid is the ego of a corporate scientist, the genius who developed cortical stacks and made immortality available to the masses, a luminary who was thought to be lost during The Fall. Firewall has also purchased a seat at the auction, dispatching a team of Sentinels to prevent the ego from falling into the wrong hands. To do so, however, they’ll have to sneak past the octopus mafia’s paranoid security measures and outsmart some of the most well-equipped and ruthless transhumans in the system who also want the ego for themselves. Can they secure the ego and escape from the auction without touching off a bloody undersea war?

  • Chados

    About 50 minutes in now. Don’t apologize, Erik! I, for one, like it when people know how things/rules work in an RPG. I probably like it a little too much, according to my posts on here. šŸ˜‰ Am I “Kaydos?”, Alex?

    • I believe you are! Did I pronounce it wrong? I figured it was “chaos” with a “d” in the middle. Or are you the Chad Operating System?

      • Chados

        Your pronunciation sounds more cool. I was given this online Moniker/nickname by a friend several years back, and it sounds like “Chad” and “Dose”, if it were condensed into one word.

        Man, now I just sound like a pretentious jackass. šŸ˜‰

  • Chados

    Hidden Concern, Octopodes, cloak and dagger stuff, and a prominent McGuffin. Good times! Also, Dumbass!

    Is this leading into the new EP campaign, or just a One-shot(two-shot?)? Can’t wait, I listened to the last one a year or two after you guys posted it.

    For Mars!

    • It’s not really a lead-in. I wanted to run this because I liked the idea, and I wanted to give people a chance to playtest their characters and work out any kinks. I think all these characters will be in the new campaign, but this game has nothing to do with that story.

  • Slowly Melting Snowman

    More Eclipse Phase?

    (Now: off to actually listen to the episode.)

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