Mar 162016

The Tomb has gotten even more fucked up than usual, especially with that weirdo Dave skulking around. I’ve heard that Nurse Sin and Barbarossa are looking for him, but who knows why? He and Specter seem to have some kind of an understanding, something about the tunnel in his workshop. Grandma Vega seems to have some clue about what’s really going on, which might just be a scarier turn of events than all of the cannibalism. He says there’s a band of brainers who live out in the Mendy’s, and that Dave is one of their emissaries. Now, it looks like they’ve got their sights set on Akatomi and everyone inside. Can we possibly survive the coming onslaught of brainwashed cannibals and psychos with mind powers?

By Calligraphy’s mighty turntables, I hope so!

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  • Unit Omega

    Loving this episode so far, it’s amazingly quotable.

    But you’re definitely doing seize by force wrong, there’s several options to pick on a 10+ which can come in VERY handy for trying to accomplish things.

    • Trainshaman

      Have to add onto this some as well. It’s actually included as a separate ‘move’ in the upcoming second edition because it was easy to miss, but you only really roll Seize By Force if either the enemy can fight back, if what you’re wanting to seize being seized is in question, or both. If you’re just hosing down unarmed mutants a few stories below you with a machine gun, you don’t have to roll, you just do it. If they have guns to shoot back with (and you aren’t at a range they can’t hit), or if you want to kill them and safely take something they have, or use your hail of bullets to keep the horde from entering your blasted open bunker door, THEN you roll. But if it’s just someone coming at you from down the hall with a knife and you have a gun, that motherfucker will just have a bullet in them and the dice stay out of it.

      A fun fact than a criticism, you can’t kill yourself easily with a flare gun. I researched it (read: googled) after an RPPR episode where it also came up and you actually have to burn for a while to suffer injuries bad enough to die from a while later. There’s even a video of a guy shooting himself in the temple with one, and it bounces off just like Ryan said. Burns his hair and skin some and hurts like a bitch, but nowhere near lethal.

      Rules stuff aside, this was a fantastic episode and has convinced everyone on my regular commute bus that I am mad because of the seemingly random outbursts of laughter and manic giggling and constant smiling. Primo stuff. Props to everyone.

      • Trainshaman

        Addendum, just to be safe. All this applies to NPCs. PCs always have a shot at avoiding getting their shit kicked in, unless they decide to take the hit to do something else.

      • Unit Omega

        Ooh a second edition of Apocalypse World. I’m interested.

        I knew about the distinction that the other guy has to be capable of fighting back, though without a specific explicit ruling (such as will be in a revision, like you said), that’s an easy rules drift when you still want to put some ambiguity in the situation and I personally think it could be seen as unfair, for example, to say that making a difficult shot over the distance is Acting Under Fire (it’s dark and there’s at least one friendly down there) when that’s not necessarily ideal for a character who should be good at shooting things. NPCs are tissue paper, so dealing like, 5-harm on a “I want to seize control of this situation” would probably still result in killing all those mutants.

        But in general, yeah, Seize By Force is almost always when you have to fight over a thing (hence why it’s called “Seize” by Force. Even if you just seize their lives). In the first session was actually pretty good in general, Barbarossa killed people without a fight because they weren’t in any condition to fight back (which also meets the second clause, a Gunlugger with a gun CAN very easily seize your life, no questions asked), but that seems to have drifted a little. Did RNR play some more DW between the first AW session and the later ones, because while Hack n’ Slash has similar “rules”, it’s mechanical trigger is a bit simpler it’s just when you want to stab people.

        • I backed the Kickstarter for 2nd Edition Apocalypse World at the level where I get a dead tree copy of the book, which is something I almost never do nowadays. I’m excited to see the revised combat moves explained more thoroughly, and to find out what they’ve replaced Fronts with.

  • Chados

    Great episode- loved the characters. I’ve been wondering since the last episode: “Dave’s”, “Thomas’ ” and “Mendy’s”? That’s a weird coincidence, and then all together and with the “commercial” in Found’s trip… that was pretty cool šŸ™‚

    Also, the necrophilia was a little too… detailed? Man, I never thought I’d say that about an actual play about a roleplaying game… that wasn’t FATAL.

    • Uncle Daddy is a very, VERY uncomfortable character…as in, that’s exactly how he makes me feel. šŸ˜

      • Unit Omega

        Really though, that seems to to be the point of Uncle Daddy. Even his name makes you instinctively go “ech”. He’ll either die horribly soon or survive the whole time.

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