Mar 092016

With the raiding party back from its expedition into the wastes, the denizens of Akatomi Plaza can breathe easy—well, easier than usual, anyhow. Our resident brainer is still on the hunt for some tubing to fix her broken violation glove, and it looks like she’s paid off Half-Pint, the leader of a biker gang called the TBDs, to be her bodyguard. Humphrey, the driver, seems to be hiding something from everyone, but what? Barbarossa is itching for some violence, but what’s she doing with Steed? And I’ve heard that DJ Found is on the hunt for more followers, hoping to convert others with Calligraphy’s sick beats and funky rhymes. Everybody’s occupied with their own shit, but there’s still the little cannibal problem happening, and something tells me that isn’t going away on its own…

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  • CAThompson

    I really thought the disease made people delicious.

  • Unit Omega

    Such an interesting cast of characters you’ve assembled. I really like Sin’s polite, educated, “trying very hard to be Old World” way of speech with Half Pint the chopper.

    Since some people seemed to have a little trouble grokking highlighted stats, the way I’ve always felt to pitch it is “what do you want to see that character do”. You don’t get XP unless you roll highlighted stats, so highlight the stats you want people to do. If you want Barbarossa to shoot or scare people, give Alex hard. If you want to see Nurse Sin fuck with people’s minds, give Ryan weird. It doesn’t have to be what they’re good at either. If you want a character who’s bad at it to look into the psychic maelstrom, highlight their weird.

    Interestingly, Ryan, I feel almost like for such a weird character your psychic maelstrom manifestation is very low key. But if Chris is going with kind of “more weird = more control” that might make sense. I’m just used to people going whole hog with it – mentally disassembling objects to see what makes them tick, visions of carnival rides, staring into the glassy sky to see symbols that aren’t there, that kind of stuff.

    • Unit Omega

      Also, on a technical standpoint, Unnatural Lust Transfixation only applies to Seduce (there’s a Hocus move which is manipulate, they specifically say this), so in that case the leverage is always sex, or something like it – but since you rolled 10+ and it was vs a PC not actually putting out probably doesn’t mean anything. And since you’ve obviously stockpiled a few of these episodes, there’s unlikely to be a timely realization from Humphrey that maybe something else should have happened with Sin. But in future, it’s important to remember when dealing with NPCs – you can only roll that Weird if you’re using sex to get what you want. Unless you spend your “take a move from another” advancement on that one Hocus move.

      PS: Holy shit guys start advancing, advancement options are really cool. You want a piece of that action.

      • Point taken, though I think Humphrey lost his opportunity for anything to happen with Sin after she saw what made him leave The Motherfuckers.

        • Chados

          Yeah, that got real dark, real fast. Especially with him naming one of his cars…

  • Bill Mad

    I’m loving the apocalypse world stuff. Now I desperately want to try it, but can’t find a group wanting to play. Woe is me.

    Here’s to living vicariously!

  • Chados

    The first episode or two were tough to get into, but I started getting into the setting and you guys are making it sound very fun. I doubt I’d ever get the guys to play it around here, considering they hate trying new stuff. 😛

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