Apr 062016

In the thrilling conclusion to the Mendy’s arc of our Apocalypse World campaign, the residents of The Tomb send a posse to settle their differences with the psychic cannibal horde once and for all. Barbarossa, Nurse Sin, Half-Pint and the TBDs put on their battle armor and set off for a battle royale, with cheese. Meanwhile, Humphrey and Found are left to guard the compound from the treacherous Motherfuckers, who, as one would imagine, are complete jerks. Can the party defeat Thomas and his army of Daves and Mendies? Will some Motherfucker recognize Humphrey from his days of running with the gang? Can Found Wantvision juggle the beat while her followers do battle out in the wastes? Listen to find out!

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  • Unit Omega

    Y’know, I’ve only just realized that Found has been very steadily accruing Barter despite her followers being considered resource hogs, with out either that or the fact that if she got off her ass and actually did things besides be a spooky hocus probably could have put a dent in the previous point.

    (Also I’m dead certain they have the +party surplus so they should throw a party every time Erik hits, but I guess they do that anyway regardless of the hit. But this should have impact on the story on a hit, anyway)

    And as an nb I said the leverage for seduce is sex. You don’t have to have it, but you implied there would be some. But since Humphrey and Sin don’t exactly get along good it’s probably not on either of their minds.

  • Chados

    20 minutes in- Charades/Pantomime… great for audio podcasts, guys. 😉

    • Chris

      Haha yeah, I didn’t think that one thought. Also, I’m clearly not as good at charades as I thought.

      • Chados

        Clearly, Chris. 😉 Also, Alex & Will had some of the best RNR one-liners/comebacks ever in this episode.

      • Robert P.

        You just gotta have a vivid imagination!

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