Jun 152016

Four skeletons stand guard with undying vigilance over the tomb of their fallen monarch. Perhaps they served their king well in life, or perhaps this is a punishment; either way, they are doomed to keep watch until they turn to dust. When humans poke their fleshy noses into the king’s crypt, the magics that give these skeletal sentries some semblance of life compel them to give chase, and perhaps even to kill. As the years pass, as more intruders disturb the grave under their protection, the skeletons remember pieces of their former lives, reclaiming a fraction of who they once were. They also succumb to the ravages of time, losing what remains of their will, their bodies and their dignity. How long can a skeleton’s endless vigil possibly last?

  • ErikRNR

    Considering certain events in the story, “losing what remains of their will” is a great sentence.

    • Chados

      I gotta listen to this one next. 🙂

  • Chados

    Yeah, there wasn’t much left of ‘im.

    Interesting RPG idea, with map creation and everything. Might be interesting to play a couple times, but it seems like it would get old after that?

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