Aug 152018

This week, we’re playing the first game in Ed’s new campaign of Deniable!

You may remember Deniable from waaaay back when, when Ed ran a one-shot of it 2014. (Holy hell, we’ve been doing this podcast for a while!)

This game has nothing to do with that last one. In this adventure, four normal folks living in the normal town of Paris, West Virginia are drafted by a secret organization called The Organization. Their mission: put a stop to the menacing plans of MENACE. (It’s an acronym, but I don’t remember what it means. Ask Ed.)

The would-be spies all have their own reasons for cooperating with The Organization. But this time, they have to break into the headquarters of MENACE and plant a strange device inside.

Will the team be able to pull this caper off? Will they fall in battle? And why does MENACE need so many paper clips? Listen to find out!

Nov 222017

In the series finale of Rasa, the truth is revealed! The characters will discover what really drew them into Loredo’s web, and to the island. As children, the entire cast had a unique imaginary friend, one that seemed to have an unnatural effect on each of them in a different way, and which may be responsible for the island’s phenomena. Who—or what—is Quinzyre, and what does it want with the player characters? More importantly, can they convince it to leave Earth peacefully, or will they need to destroy it?

Nov 082017

As the Rasa team continues to explore the vast caverns beneath the island, the flashbacks come faster and cut deeper. They begin to discover that Loredo might not have been the dark mastermind and puppeteer they previously imagined, drawing them all together to subject them to the island’s bizarre effects. Were they the ones with the sinister motives the entire time, hoping to steal the secrets of the island for their own gain? Listen to find out, as we present another gripping episode of Rasa!

Nov 012017

We hope you all enjoyed our Spooktober offerings over the past month. Now that Halloween has come and gone, we’re back with more of Ed’s mystery campaign in Fate Accelerated, Rasa! When we last left our heroes, they had just defeated a werewolf, and were about to mount a raid on the hatch where their kidnapped companion is being held. First, however, they’ll have to traverse the perilous underworld beneath Loredo’s island, a nether-realm where sleeping dragons and subterranean traps lie in wait. Will they be able to find their way through the obstacles in their way and reach the hatch before it’s too late? Can they uncover the hidden mysteries surrounding their pasts? Listen to find out!

Sep 272017

We’re back with another exciting installment of Rasa! Separated from the group and taken to a fortified underground complex, Connie awakens to find one of Loredo’s minions who is willing to cut the group a deal. If they make their way to the lighthouse on the other side of the island and eliminate the leader of the group that has taken refuge there, Loredo will restore their memories and free them from the island. Of course, convincing the rest of the group that this offer is legitimate proves difficult, but the group sets out for the lighthouse anyway, hoping to find allies against Loredo’s machinations. Is this a cruel trick, an elaborate test, or something more sinister? Listen to find out!