Feb 092012

In this Call of Cthulhu Actual Play, the boys take on the horror locked in an old Southern plantation house! Spirit Quest, an exploitative paranormal investigation show, is struggling in the ratings and about to be dropped from its network’s schedule when the new producer decides to hire the host of a rival (and currently defunct) program for what might be their last assignment. Join Keeper Ryan and his Investigators–Chris, James, Will, Derek, Meyer and Alex–as they begin to uncover the mystery behind the old Chadham Mansion, a bed and breakfast with a turbulent past.

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PLAYERS / Characters:

MEYER / Jose Dynamo: The hyper-kinetic host of Spirit Quest whose personal motto is, “Haunted until proven otherwise!” Often uses his alleged “psychic abilities” to commune with the spirit realm, interrogate locals and evaluate the auras of future colleagues. Jose has been the host of Spirit Quest for nearly six years.

DEREK / Roland “Frosty” Frost: Jose’s loyal cameraman and full-time minder, Frosty is a former college athlete who turned to working in television after an injury left him unable to play. It’s Frosty’s job to make sure that the camera is rolling at all times, and to rein Jose in when he goes too far afield from reality as we know it.

The symbol on the wall in Willow Rainbridge's basement.

What secrets does this sign conceal?

WILL / Joey McNabb: The idea man behind several popular late-night reality TV shows who has been brought in by the network to add a little pep to Spirit Quest.

ALEX / Jeffrey Alexander: Host of the (prematurely) cancelled paranormal investigations show, “Science of the Paranormal.” His drive for scientific accuracy and skeptical approach to his investigations clash directly with Jose’s ridiculous antics. (Of course, his show was cancelled before the end of its first season, while Jose’s has been on for six years. Go figure.)

JAMES / Voltic Rodolfo Strand: Jeffrey Alexander’s right hand man and master carpenter who uses his knowledge of construction to debunk supposed hauntings. Strand is a shy man, and often seeks to avoid the limelight.

CHRIS / Andrew McNamara: A shady local shyster hired by the owner of Chadham House to ensure that her legal rights and image are protected while the SQ crew are conducting their investigation. You might recognize him from the side of the Number 4 bus.

**NOTE: The structure of this scenario was inspired in large part by the paranormal investigation show Ghost Adventures, a hilarious and sometimes creepy series about three guys who lock themselves in at haunted places and try to provoke the ghosts to violence. If you’ve never seen it, then shame on you. It’s on Netflix Instant. I mean, honestly, what are you waiting for?

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