Mar 072018

At 10:03 AM, three Delta Green friendlies simultaneously experienced a bizarre episode, a flashback to something that never happened, permeated by the looming threat of inescapable doom. Immediately following this, all three are tapped by the organization to investigate a potential threat at The Holobeam Array, a publicly funded research site run by the US Department of Energy. When they arrive under the guise of a surprise inspection, they discover the staff behaving oddly, but nothing too far out of the ordinary. Soon, however, they discover that the array made contact with something unspeakable beyond the borders of our universe, an entity whose awareness is drawn by human awareness of it. Is there a connection between their earlier freak outs and the events at the array? Can they turn the inhuman gaze from our world before it is devoured? Listen to find out!

Jul 052017

The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was the worst disaster to ever hit the city, and one of the worst disasters the U.S. has ever faced. The city was almost completely destroyed, and it took years to recover. But in Chinatown, where the city’s poorest citizens lived, the destruction was complete. Between the earthquake itself and the destruction caused in trying to recover, not one building was left standing.

Into the rubble go the children of Chinese immigrants, going home to try to pick up the pieces and find their families. But the earthquake did more than just destroy buildings and take lives — it released something that was trapped. Something evil and angry. Something that wants revenge.

If you want to learn more about the San Francisco earthquake, and the architectural style that rose from the rubble, listen to this great episode of 99 Percent Invisible.

Nov 232016

It was supposed to be an ordinary suburban get-together, just a few friends and neighbors sharing some lunch and one another’s company. When the guests arrived, however, they found their host curiously absent, his mail piling up and his computer’s hard drive somehow wiped of all information. Does his disappearance have something to do with the collection of AM radios that he keeps tuned to obscure frequencies where droning voices repeat lists of numbers? Has he fallen victim to some terrible internet conspiracy based around the offbeat subreddits he follows? And why on Earth did he order so much hiking equipment? This group of friends and neighbors sets out to learn the truth, and gets much more than they bargained for in the process.

Aug 312016

This week, the gang tackles Chaosium’s Free RPG Day scenario “The Derelict,” written by Call of Cthulhu designer Sandy Petersen! Titus Burnhardt, a “tech maverick” who also goes by his brogrammer handle “T-Burn,” is a washed-up app developer who’s selling his yacht The Delilah in order to raise enough capital to launch his next big project. The buyer happens to be in Liverpool, which affords T-Burn one last opportunity to throw a kickass boat party during the transatlantic crossing! Titus invites his lawyer, Georgie Berkovich (of Berkovich & Berkovich), a milquetoast hanger-on who enjoys his professional proximity to the wealthy and famous, as well as Peter “Murph” Murphy, a childhood friend who currently serves as his personal bodyguard. The voyage proceeds according to plan until the travelers spot a looming hulk stranded on an iceberg in the North Atlantic, a refrigerated container ship that appears to be abandoned. Driven to investigate by the possibility of a huge salvage claim, the passengers explore the foreboding vessel in order to learn the fate of its crew, and, if possible, tow the derelict to shore. What they find, however, is a creature out of Viking legend, a terrifying Sciapod that wants to hunt them like animals. Can they survive?

Nov 252015
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

This week, we re-visit the community of Skiatook, OK, where authorities are about to uncover a series of bloody, methodical murders. This time around, the Investigators who step up to solve the mystery are a small-town reporter for the local paper, a private eye from Chicago who happens to be related to one of the victims, and his plucky, tech-savvy nephew. Though they are faced with similar circumstances, this team’s investigation takes a much different path, one that may not lead them to the answers they seek. Can they uncover the sinister force behind the killings, or will they create more trouble for themselves than anyone thought possible?