May 302012

The team of Firewall sentinels from Mind the WMD is back to face yet another potentially catastrophic ex-threat! In the wake of a disaster aboard a station in Earth orbit, a ship managed to slip through the interdiction field surrounding the planet. Proxy Man in Black has dispatched the team to the Reclaimer station Blue Marble in order to learn what they can about the ship that hopped the fence and determine who—or what—might have been aboard. Unfortunately, the mission proves to be more than what they’re prepared for, and what begins as a simple investigation quickly devolves into a desperate struggle for survival (and sanity). Can the team survive the horrors of Blue Marble, or will they be destroyed by their own foolhardy bravado? Listen to find out!


DAMIEN ARMELLO / Chris: A Martian criminal and ego slave trader who deals in uplifts. Some find Damien abrasive and difficult to work with, but once you get to know him, you realize he’s just a completely despicable pig. He is concealing a dark secret. (NOTE: Chris began playing Damien in the last game, but he didn’t get a bio in that writeup, so I’m giving him one here.)

DALTON / Derek: A neo-hominid uplift who prides himself on his skill with a gun and at the poker table, Dalton plays by his own rules. He keeps the brim of his cowboy hat pulled low and his trusty railgun pistols close at hand — or at foot.

DOC SKEELAXX / Ed: If you’re looking for illegal drugs or “reclaimed” implants, then Doc Skeelaxx is the crow to see. The best damn back-alley doctor that Firewall has to offer.

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  • Citadel

    These Eclipse Phase games are really entertaining! Favorite part of this was some really great roleplaying by Dr Crow. It was cool to see the players make fun of the uplifts early on, then show respect for the Doc after he proved himself.

    Funiest part: As the blood floats off into zero G, setting off guardian swarms “I…probably shouldn’t have done that”

  • Glad you liked it. Cause doing that voice for three hurts like hell.

  • Chados

    Dr. Barfbag, nice. 🙂

    Chris must have +Slavery as a motivation? I know Firewall needs help, but an Ego slaver? I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy with him always talking about taking his fellow team member’s stacks- might be some issues with Firewall operational security there.

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