Jun 132012

After a brief trip back to Miter in order to regroup and re-sleeve their fallen comrades, our favorite Firewall team heads off to Vo Nguyen, an O’Neill cylinder in Earth orbit and the last known destination of Roland Heinrikson. They find the colony in chaos, its security forces falling prey to a rampaging TITAN war machine inadvertently activated by The Man from Earth. Can they restore order to the station and defeat their robotic foe? More importantly, can they discover Heinrikson’s ultimate destination before the trail goes cold? Or will they screw the pooch as hard as they did last time? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • I listened to this at work, and it was really good! Dr. Crow does rule hardcore.

    Where would be the best place to get Eclipse Phase? I kinda want to check out the game now.

    • RyGuy

      The Eclipse Phase sourcebooks are all Creative Commons licensed, so the publisher / designer has them available as free PDF downloads on his blog here. If you want to contribute to the wonderfulness happening at Posthuman Studios, the PDFs are also available for sale at Drive Thru RPG for a very reasonable $10-15 each. They also have sexy, full-color bound copies for a higher price, as does Amazon. I bought the PDFs myself, but I envy Alex his printed book and his GM screen. They are very lovely indeed.

      • Alex

        My preciousssssssss.

    • No one on game or out is ever going to call Doc Skeelaxx by his real name, are they?

      • Derek

        I’ll just stick with “Doc”.

  • Citadel

    Ahhh, the return of the pot plant.

    ‘The Man from Earth’ seems intriguing. Good to see the team did better this time, and Amir didn’t even have to die horrifically for it to happen! Little worrying to hear that some people’s VERY FIRST thought was to space the entire habitat.

    • RyGuy

      It’s true, but then again, we are a rather morally dubious group of characters. Gavin’s a con man, Damien is a slave trader, Lucas is a corporate ego hunter and Doc Skeelaxx is a back alley surgeon who steals the implants from corpses. Amir’s the only nice guy in the bunch. Still though, and luckily enough for all the residents of Vo Nguyen, spacing 20,000 people because of a suspected infection is a bit more hardcore than our team is willing to get. (I’m sure there are some folks higher up the totem pole in Firewall who’d have no trouble making that call, but the way my character sees it, that’s above his pay grade.)

      • Citadel

        Heh, true, Firewall isn’t exactly powered by puppy kisses, they’d do what had to be done, its just instantly resorting to mass murder seems at odds with the whole ‘save transhumanity’ thing.

        Then again, even if the characters are morally dubious, they *did* go toe to toe with a TITAN to save people. Big damn heroes? Anyway, can’t wait to see what happens next.

        • I think some of Doc’s motivation was that unlike Lucas, he REMEMBERS the terrifying events on Blue Marble and how badly they screwed up. Thank Gods we had enough people in the group with a shred of moral fiber.

        • Alex

          Glad you’re enjoying the game, Citadel! And as GM, I have to say I was really worried that they were going to destroy the hab, and my plot along with it. There’s only so much regiggering you can do to accomodate your players’… shenanigans. Thankfully it didn’t come to that, though. Although if it did, they would probably have a lot more than one TITAN artifact to deal with.

      • Derek

        Wait! Dalton’s not such a bad guy. He’s just a old school, shoot first, gambling rogue who prefers to be left alone. 🙂

  • I have really been enjoying your Eclipse Phase APs (Not saying the other ones are bad), they really help a long work day go faster. So keep up the good work.

  • crawlkill

    fantastic! I was a little uncertain about the pregen’d EP episodes, but these homespun ones are greeeat. I kept seeing this one verging off into a Dirty World-type story where the -one mad reclaimer- filching pennies off Earth salvage missions finds two warbots and decides he can take on the world! the self-loathing pig uplift is such a beautiful concept. (and that’s a proprioceptive disorder Meyer was talking about, where you don’t recognize your limbs and want them gone! it’s freaky as shit, google it!)

    • Alex

      Glad you’re enjoying it! I guess it means I’ll keep coming up with ways to ruin the lives of their characters. I mean…challenge my players.

  • Omega

    So I’ve started listening to your EP campaign APs, and I’m really enjoying them now, despite not quite being gripped the first time around. Even incorporated a couple of similar ideas into the campaign for EP I’m planning now. Usually, interesting to listen. The players even manage to keep the pregen characters interesting (though, naturally I find those who created their own characters slightly more interesting)

    But as a personal stickler for setting accuracy, some times you guys hurt my soul (or my brain). I can pass off some of the stuff, mostly from the players, as just getting used to concepts or nouns in the setting, or EP’s lovely wiggle room in interpreting the setting. (ex, while the LLA is a major military powerhouse, most of those assets are probably on Luna or the capital Remembrance, Vo Nguyen is primarily a research base, so they’d probably have troops with limited anti-terror capability there, not heavy artillery) but sometimes, you guys really kill me.

    I mean, Tate Markess is a woman. Her usual morph and personality are described in Sunward. It’s the kind of minute error that could be resolved with a ctrl+f!

    • RyGuy

      I guess Rule 63 is in full effect in Alex’s version of the Eclipse Phase universe.

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