Oct 102012

There it is, the old Sanderson place! That’s where it all happened. That’s where Dr. Sanderson kidnapped all those kids back in the ’80s. They say he went crazy after his wife and son died. Closed down his practice and started collecting antique dental instruments. Drills. Burs. Excavators. Retractors. By the time it happened, they say his collection filled an entire room in his basement.

Nobody knows why he did it. Maybe he was overly eager to play with his toys, or maybe he just wanted to hurt people. Either way, one Halloween night, he lured unsuspecting trick-or-treaters into his house, and then…he operated on them. Performed root canals, wired them up with braces, you name it. All without Novocaine. None of the neighbors heard the screams.

It went on for hours.

Eventually, one of the kids got lucky and made a break for it. Brought the cops back. But before they could arrest him, BAM! Dr. Sanderson blew his own brains out. The place has been empty ever since. Now, most people will tell you it’s because nobody wants to live in a house where something so horrible happened, but I know the real reason. Old Dr. Sanderson is still in there, polishing his instruments, waiting to lure more unsuspecting victims inside…

This Fiasco was based off of a custom playset called, “The Old Sanderson Place,” written by Ryan, Chris and Alex. It contains Relationships, Needs, Scenes, and Objects related to a haunted suburban home that has been abandoned for years, as well as Tilt and Aftermath tables tailor-made for horror games. If you would like to give it a try for yourself, you can find it on Google Drive here. That said, we’re still in the process of play-testing it, and we do eventually plan to put out a more polished PDF version, with original artwork. If you do decide to give it a try, we ask only that you leave us some feedback, here or on the doc itself, about your experience.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy!

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