Oct 042012

A secret service agent, a muckraking web journalist and a White House aide team up with a US Senator to investigate a secret military project that has been soaking up money for the past four decades. No one knows exactly what’s going on at the secret island installation in the Pacific where the program is supposedly based, and even the cover story that it’s a toxic waste disposal site can’t justify the expenditure of keeping the program active. In order to find answers, our Investigators will travel from the sea coast of Maine to the installation itself, where they’ll discover a horrifying secret that the program’s commander will go to extreme lengths to cover up.

This game of Call of Cthulhu was based on the scenario “Dark Island” by Michael C. LaBossiere. It is available for free from Chaosium, Inc., here.

  • I love the viewfinder fixation derangement! it’s always quietly disappointing to see players WIN in a CoC game UGH but I guess everybody fucked up so beautifully in Godfire that they can get a pass I GUESS. I think it was Caleb on an RPPR main podcast who observed that for a genre about cosmic helplessness and despair CoC sessions have a remarkable tendency to conclude with huge firefights? whatevs, hilarity is all I crave.

    also, Jennifer Morgue and its Laundry siblings are okay, but Stross’ best are def Halting State and its sequel Rule 34!

  • Gregg

    Guys, I love your AP sessions, but could you please stop belching into my ear ALL. THE. TIME? I get it, sometimes you have to burp, but having anyone, no matter how amusing you find them, emptying their stomach into your left ear for four hours is really, really hard to take.

    Otherwise, I love your CoC and Fiasco games, and thanks for putting the recordings up!

    • Sorry about that, Gregg. We started out recording these sessions without really thinking about the level of professionalism or our on air demeanor. This session was recorded back when we first started, so I’m sure we were a bit freer with our bodily functions than our listeners would prefer. (A lot of the burping is probably my fault, and I apologize.) We’ll try to be more considerate in future recordings.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • Gregg

        Aha! The early date of the recording explains it, because I’ve never really noticed issues like that on any of the other episodes.

        By the way, I’ve highly recommended episodes of your podcast to several friends as an excellent way to be introduced to Fiasco. I can’t say enough about how good your Fiasco games are — and your CoC games as well. Keep up the excellent work!

        • Alex

          Sorry about the bodily functions, Gregg. We try to be a lot more aware of that nowadays. And thanks for recommending us! We really love playing Fiasco, so it’s good to know that there are people out there who like listening to us as much as we enjoy playing.

  • Chados

    Hey Guys. Going through some of the older AP’s- have you guys started doing the insanity rules the right way in the more current games? This one was “lose 5 in an hour for temporary; lose 20% for long term”, when it should be “Lose 5 in one roll” for temp/short term. and “20% in an hour” for longer term insanity. Right? Or am I wrong?

    • Alex

      I don’t have the book with me right now, so I can’t check the official rules. But we’ve always played it where 5 in an in-game hour is a temporary and 1/5 is a permanent. I think it works a little better that way. The hour rule kind of shows how piling stress can make a person crack. And it also works if you lose 5 or more in one shot.

      • Chados

        Alex: glancing at the quick start rules(I don’t have my book available right now, either..), it looks the way I described.

        Also, it seems you roll an idea check when you lose enough points that you might gain a short or long term insanity- and if you make the Idea check, you *fully comprehend* what you have witnessed(hence, the insanity).

        Seems like your guys’ way it is a lot easier to go temporarily insane- which is Ok if you’re all having fun with it! 🙂

        • Alex

          We use the Idea check rule now. We forgot about it way back when we recorded this game. Also, we kind of like having our characters go insane. Makes things a lot more interesting.

  • Chados

    Also, great episode.

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