Oct 172012

In this episode of Godfire, the team from Firewall is stranded on Mars in the aftermath of their incredible fuck-up at Tether, and in their newly-found free time, each Sentinel goes on a personal mission. Gavin receives a message from a notorious drug dealer and former associate of his who needs a favor, and is willing to give him the doctor who sold Dalton to the Night Cartel if he does it. After his encounter with Gray Xu in Olympus, Dalton must deal with his rising profile as the space mafia’s higher-ups grow ever more eager to capture him. Doc Skeelaxx is contacted by a former Gatecrasher who has brought back an illegal specimen through one of the Pandora Gates, and wishes to have it examined by a professional with dubious morals. Lucas must hunt down and neutralize a Direct Action weapons designer who plans to defect to Gorgon with the blueprints of his latest invention. Elis faces her toughest hacking challenge yet when an anarchist cell brings a disembodied AI construct to her and asks her to jailbreak a robotic body in which to sleeve it. Damien finds his past misdeeds come back to haunt him when a man who he fork-napped and sold into slavery tries to blackmail him so that he can get his old life back. Finally, Amir, the only Sentinel to survive the nuclear explosion on Tether (because he wasn’t there), has to take the train from Olympus to Elysium–what could possibly go wrong?

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