Feb 062013

Flight 1180 was supposed to be a routine trans-Atlantic run from New York to London, but a misguided plot to rob the baggage compartment while the plane is in the air turns it into a real Fiasco. A retired burglar, a disgraced lady thief, a hapless flight attendant and an elderly passenger find themselves locked in a struggle of life and death at 35,000 feet. Can they survive in this pressure cooker of suspicion, manipulation and violence until the plane lands? Can the would-be criminals pull off the most daring heist of their careers, or will the ever-vigilant air marshal discover their plans? Find out in this week’s Fiasco Actual Play!

This week’s Fiasco was created using the Flight 1180 playset by Will Hindmarch.

  • Eh it wasn’t that offensive I’ve heard worse.

    • RyGuy

      I was a little worried there. We do tend to get a bit sophomoric and tasteless sometimes. Then again, I’ve been addicted to Tumblr lately, so my sensitivities might be inordinately acute.

      • pfshhh. we know you’re sweethearts. we understand you’re just making fun of horrible people. I was eagerly awaiting the gay flight attendant jokes and didn’t get any! although I’ve got an hour or so to go.

        I have to say that almost any one of these Fiascos you guys do would make a wonderful movie. they’re such tight, focused stories with such strong and diverse casts. it’s so cool to hear.

  • Journ-O-LST-3

    I don’t have depth perception either. Ryan is my new favorite.

    • RyGuy

      *Tries to high-five Journ-O-LST-3, misses*

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