Feb 132013

With Proxy Steel and his recovery ship in tow, the gang heads to a remote Fa Jing mining outpost in order to retrieve a passkey from a former Firewall operative stationed there. Masquerading as the entourage and security crew of an inner-system hyper-elite, they manage to infiltrate the colony without turning heads. However, what should be a simple mission turns into an all-out battle for survival when it becomes clear that everyone on the asteroid unlucky enough to be sleeved into a biomorph is infested with a deadly xeno-parasite. Fists, bullets, our characters and terrifying alien insects fly in an action-packed microgravity skirmish. Can our favorite Firewall Sentinels brave the bugs and make it out with the key? Listen to this week’s episode of Self-Discovery to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles

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  • I think at this point I would be somewhat disappointed if I listened to one of your Eclipse Phase APs and nobody lost a limb.

  • hey, I was useful! =D hearing my screenname spoken aloud makes me, like, glance about sharply in confusion. SKEELAX LIVES.

    these horrible exobeasts are based on cymothoa exigua, right?

  • my favorite part is that Chris actually does a porky the pig when talking about his smart rat (around 2:35). “It’s got Climbing and Scr… Scara… Finding Stuff…”

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