May 152013

In this episode, the time-traveling B&B lands in New York City circa 1867, an era of progress and prejudice. The Adversaries are building a mass transit system that they will one day use to transport a weapon of mass destruction, and it’s up to the Titor House gang to put a stop to this plot before it gets started. While they’re in the neighborhood, they’ll also have to pick up a new recruit, but when their modern values clash with his 19th Century attitudes, will they be able to put their differences aside in order to eliminate the threat? Find out on this week’s episode of The Titor House!

Campaign Navigator: Mage: The Awakening – “The Titor House”

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  • John Henry

    Oh Shit! I Can’t wait to hear what you guys do Next! I am Listening to this right now!…. Expect my reactions after I hear the end….

  • John Henry

    Whoo Lordy! you guys gave me a shoutout you made this niggas day! If you guys ever find yourselves in the hood I can personally guarantee your protection I can show you around, you boys will be my honorary niggas. You guys came up with some great characters and the stories play out so well EDDDDDD is a great story teller that Alex Feller and James mesh so well together, Ryan Derek and Chris make a good team, Meyer and Will are Great Wild Cards that help make problems worse. Don’t worry about the racism guys its classy, funny, and fits blackman loves his kool aid. I am Halfway through and I am Hooked! this nigga loves the banter.

    • Nextlevel2

      I love this podcast/AP too, being that I’m a gay hispanic (and very confident in my skin), and don’t get easily offended by comments and jokes.
      Except, I have to say, there was one Internet show, that I used to listen to, that I left a nasty message on their message board, based on their extreme gay bashing, and I put them in their place because what they were saying was completely fuuuuuucked up- I truly couldn’t believe there’s people out there like that nowadays and they proved it, I had to voice my opinion and show them that they needed to change. That is the only show I ever did that with.
      Ragnerdrok is “tasteful” in their remarks and don’t cross the lines, and I really commend them for that, I have listened for a while now and just recently started commenting to show my love.

      • Thanks for listening and commenting, NL! We’re happy you enjoy our shenanigans.

  • Jamés

    Does this mean I get a stamp on my Hood Pass?

    • John Henry

      Nigga you get 5!

  • I love these PCs so much! especially Gertrude. Gertrude cannot be bettered. and every time you guys are confused about the mechanics I, like, mutter explanations to myself, ahah.

    • Alex

      We’re never confused about the mechanics in this system. We’ve been playing it for years! Any time we may seem confused or unsure is just an act for you listeners, so you can better understand how the game works.

    • John Henry

      Aint no man gun mess with that old lady!

  • of course! you seek to educate!

  • Ethan C.

    I gotta say, I’ve always wanted to try out Mage, but I never felt like I could understand the rules system well enough to figure out how to tell a story with it. This campaign has been very educational.

    • Alex

      Fourth Edition Mage does a much better job of keeping characters’ powers in check (nerfing them) than previous systems. We used to play Second Ed, which was much more free-form. Ryan ran a chronicle way back when, and my character got to the point where he could co-locate. So there would be two of him, each with the ability to take separate actions and think for himself. I’m also pretty sure that, if he tried long enough, he could put out the sun. And he wasn’t even crazy powerful. So yeah, this system is much more controllable from a GM’s point of view. And from a player’s point of view, there’s still a lot you can do in terms of magick.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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