Apr 242013

In this episode, the Titor House gang mounts a daring rescue to spring a fellow time traveler and future savior of the world from the clutches of the evil Adversaries! When Mrs. Wells learns that the forces of darkness have kidnapped another candidate, the mages will have to infiltrate an enemy stronghold located in an abandoned bottling plant, locate their captured comrade, and then escape without being detected. However, when their plans go awry, they’ll face a tough decision: do they eliminate an evil underboss and fight their way out, or let him live and walk away unchallenged? Join us for another exciting installment of The Titor House to find out what happens!

Campaign Navigator: Mage: The Awakening – “The Titor House”

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  • it’s Mage! Mage is back! a queer PC! I love you boys so.

    SUPER torn about the change to Awakening. Awakening’s system for magic is sssooo mmmuuuch betterrr, oh my god. I was just looking at Ascension again and…those rotes. they have no RULES attached to them! but the setting of Awakening is like a stunted thalidomide abortion compared to the high-concept cosmos of Ascension. if you can bring yourself to, you should try and hack the metaphysics and societies of Ascension into Awakening. it doesn’t require much by way of houseruling, just edits setting elements a bit. and Technocrats > fucking Seers of the Throne.

    check out http://wodindex.wikispaces.com/Complete+Mage+the+Awakening for all your Awakening needs, btw. it has every rote ever published with a quick description, sorted by the Arcana (Spheres was such a better word, omg) they use.

  • John Henry

    What the Hell is wrong with you guys?
    I Absolutely LOVE the openings you guys have such fun banter
    Let Alex know that he should wake up soon I should know I am a Doctor
    I am going to download and Listen to ALL of your actual plays I hope you are as much fun in those as this
    you guys have such great references when you just banter makes it feel relatable like when I am with my bro’s doing fun and silly stuff. I think that that Alex feller, James and Ed (one D or 2?) should have their own talk show.

  • Ethan C.

    Aw man, another hilarious episode. This party, I swear. The Employers really gotta reevaluate their hiring policies.

  • John Henry

    I love you guys!

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