Jun 122013

In 9th Century Britain, an evil sorcerer plots to take control of an Employer fortress on behalf of The Adversaries, and has dispatched a fearsome monster to keep the nearby nobles from raising an army. When The Titor House gang arrives, they quickly ascertain that they must slay the beast and infiltrate the enemy’s stronghold; however, the situation gets complicated when Freddie’s rash and tactless interaction with the local peasants force Tyger to impersonate the lord of the manor, his distant ancestor and look-alike. Soon enough, the real Lord Hawthorne returns from battle, demanding answers from the strange entourage from the future. Can they convince the irate nobleman that they are his allies, defeat the rampaging creature, and reclaim the lost place of power on behalf of the forces of good, or will they be put to the sword as heretics and impostors? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Mage: The Awakening – “The Titor House”

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