Jun 052013

This week, our Investigators from an earlier CoC adventure discover the unpleasant truth behind a Long Island tourist trap where the prices are high, but the mortality rate is just low enough to go unnoticed! Welcome to Green Gate Farms, the perfect spot for a family day trip, where you can enjoy a candied apple or a live performance at the cornfield theater–if you’ve got the cash, that is. However, the place harbors a dark secret that Ross, its slimy owner, will go to lethal extremes to protect. The farmhands and teenaged staffers whisper that the property is haunted by Ross’ late father, Caleb, unaware that the real story is far more disturbing. Can the Investigators put an end to the bloodshed, or will they, too, fall victim to the terrifying killer at Green Gate Farms? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Call of Cthulhu – “Frank ‘n’ Pete”

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  • omg, Caleb and Ross servin the Elder Things. I also loved you guys establishing that you had smartphones with internet access sufficient to google translate and then two minutes later rolled knowledge checks to recognize a word XD

  • QuickreleasePersonalitY

    Which is more a more frightening location: Montauk or Freeville?

    • As far as I know, there isn’t a Freeville on Long Island. There is, however, a Freeport, which isn’t that scary. Montauk, on the other hand, has a lighthouse and lots of marshlands that are swarming with ticks, so I’m gonna go with that.

      • QuickreleasePersonalitY

        There’s a Freeville, NY — you should check it out :3

        There’s this one town that everyone I met was putting down. “Groton”. Mysterious…

        • I looked up Freeville and Groton. Both of those towns are halfway across the state–up near Ithaca. I’ve only been up there once or twice, so I couldn’t really say whether or not they’re frightening. I did get caught in the rain this one time while I was visiting a friend at Cornell, though, so let’s go with yes.

  • Chados

    I had to re-listen to this one since it’s Fall-ish currently. Good stuff, Ed! Though- this time when they were reading the news stories, I’m like “Made a 911 call in 1966?” 🙂

    Ed also got a David in there, so 3 RPPR personalities were involved.

    James’ character got pitchforked. Ow.

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