Feb 202013

A Florida real estate saleswoman contracts a team of Investigators to debunk rumors that a patch of land she’s trying to develop is haunted. When she suddenly goes missing, it’s up to them to untangle a series of baffling disappearances that have occurred on the property. In their struggle to learn the truth, they’ll uncover the murderous history of Woodson Pond, and come face-to-face (?) with the terrifying creature that lurks beneath its waters. Can they escape with their lives, or will they be the creature’s next victims? Listen to find out!

This is Ed’s first turn behind the screen as a Keeper, running the scenario Woodson Pond, by Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere.

Campaign Navigator: Call of Cthulhu – “Frank ‘n’ Pete”

–> Next Episode: “Green Gate Farms”

  • Gregg

    Woohoo! I got a shoutout! Admittedly kind of a backhanded, irritated one, but still.

    • RyGuy

      You know we love you, man. Fewer belches per episode mean higher quality shows for all our listeners, even if some of us get a tad defensive about it. Maybe instead of getting on people’s cases about it, I should start some kind of a swear jar, except for burping. Every time someone belches on mic, they owe the jar $1.

      • Chris

        No way, the belches are the best! Case in point:

  • I’ve never watched Breaking Bad, so whenever I hear Saul Goodman I get all excited thinking someone’s making an Illuminatus! reference. alas, it is not so =<

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