Jun 262013

On the Anarchist habitat of Locus in the Jovian Trojans, a team of Sentinels is assembled to locate one of their own who has failed to check in during the course of a sensitive investigation. After speaking with some of her contacts, it becomes obvious that she uncovered a disturbing secret regarding a group of Triad criminals, the White Khanhs, that they would go to deadly lengths to protect. The Khanhs may be harboring an artifact from The Fall, a remnant of a TITAN satellite–and perhaps something much worse as well. Now, in order to learn the missing Sentinel’s ultimate fate and possibly deal with an existential threat, they’ll have to infiltrate the White Khanh’s flagship, but are they prepared to face what they find there? Join us for this Eclipse Phase one-shot to find out!

  • It’s always nice to hear new people playing Eclipse Phase. Plus for the others who’ve been in Alex’s game to play different character or see to alternate Damian.

  • crawlkill

    oh man, this casts Glory in SO much better a light than RPPR’s run did. then again, that was, like, their second EP game ever, so I spose it’s no surprise. still, good to know the story’s better than I’d thought it was.

  • Omega

    Seeing Glory as played by people who have played Eclipse Phase before is certainly interesting. I think the scenario looses a little of the shock value when the players kind of know more about what’s coming, but at the same time they actually know what their doing, so they seemed to hedge their bets better. My players had played CoC before, but were still gun-ho enough to space-jump onto the Song Cai Flower and stuff. Probably didn’t run down all the clues either, and other stuff. Definitely didn’t think to backup before they left Locus.

    Couple of rules corrections, if you guys don’t mind. Pilot: Anthroform is walkers, like Utility or Combat Exoskeletons (which, like everything else in EP, can be teleoperated real easy). Could probably swing it to remote pilot morph bodies via a Puppetsock if you feel like it. Gunnery is the skill for both vehicle-mounted or stationary, “emplacement” type weapons. Not that it helps because weapons on spacecraft, especially a small transport shuttle, are super out-of-the ordinary for EP. The game doesn’t even do rules for space combat or spaceship weapons, because of it being kind of out of the scope of most games. Hard Sci-Fi space combat is srsbzns, yo.

  • You guys talk over each other too much, hard to hear any single conversation when there are 2+ going on. Other than that, totally enjoyed it. Thanks!

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