Jun 192013

Join us for the final episode of the “I <3 Tartarus” arc! After days of exploring a TITAN city on the edge of the solar system, our intrepid team of Firewall Sentinels decide to cut their losses and head for their objective: the Prometheus Syndicate’s stronghold on the River Styx. Before they face off against the enemy, however, they’ll make one last attempt to scavenge supplies and ready themselves for battle. Can they once again fight their way past EliOT, the psychotic AGI with an unhealthy fixation on Elis? And if so, what potentially devastating secrets will they uncover about the Prometheus Syndicate’s connection to Firewall? Listen to this week’s Rag-NERD-rok Actual Play to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • crawlkill

    I was completely taken in by the voice!

  • Nirvash

    Oh I forgot to comment about explanations from things they didnt encounter!

  • Alex

    You’re right! Let’s see what they missed….

    On side four (Phlegethon) there was a fractal; copies of Dalton, Damien, Gavin and Elis; and a Prometheus Syndicate outpost, complete with vacsuits, guardian swarms and a healing vat. There was something I stole from the SCP Foundation called the Human Ecosystem. “The area is small and forested, with tall, rain-forest like trees. Strange animals crawl through the leaves. The animals are, in fact, pieces of people. Heads with crab-like bone legs coming out of them walk around, spines move around like large inch worms. Spider-like rib cages will drop from the trees onto the heads to hunt them.” Part of the floor in one area was made of an invisible force field, so it would have looked like you were walking directly into space (there were holes in some parts, so they could have fallen through). Not so dangerous was a fountain that spouted nanobots that would heal synths; an area with murky, knee-high water filled with aggressive fish; and floating sculptures that continually changed shape.

    On side five (Styx), they missed the giant spiders (which are pretty self-explanatory) and a recreation of London during the Blitz. The bees they walked away from were giant Japanese Honey Bees. They protect their hives by encasing attackers and vibrating, heating up until the attacker dies. They would have done that to the players. There were streams of liquid helium with something swimming through it (just for a creep-out). And there were also Creepers. Like the ones from Minecraft. Because why not?

    I hope that’s everything. If there’s anything else you want to know, just ask.

    • Unit Omega

      Totally stealing Creepers to use in Eclipse Phase – that’s a brilliant bit of crossover which is good for a quick freak out.

  • Erenthia

    You guys didn’t make Zrbny your own base? 🙁

    • Erenthia

      Whoops, didn’t quite finish listening before posting.

  • Chados

    39:00- Beetlejuice. What do I win, Jamez? 😉

    I’m still working through the Promethean Chronicles. Awesome. Meyer definitely needed more than 20% on his beak attack though, as it was his only way of attacking. Other than buckets of blood, that is…

    • Did I only give him 20% on his beak attack? Oops. Although I think he had giant claws on his feet, too.

      • You definitely did your best to make the Tartarus arc a terrifying struggle of survival horror for us. I quite enjoyed it, even though it was a challenge.

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