Nov 062013

The Titor House gang discovers that the evil necromancer Mantis has kidnapped Lord Hawthorne’s pregnant war bride, Ilsa, and intends to sacrifice both her and her unborn child in a ritual that will make him functionally immortal. Now, in order to save the Tower of the White and Tiger’s entire existence, they’ll have to defeat yet another of the dark wizard’s monstrous constructs. They’ll also have to decide whether or not to use the fruits of Mantis’ dark labors to heal their wounds and strengthen themselves before the fight. Who will give in to temptation? Will they be able to rescue Ilsa from Mantis’ clutches and save the Hawthorne family line? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Mage: The Awakening – ‘The Titor House”

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  • much smoother! magic difficulties are actually the exception and can be modified by more than 5, but whatever (because otherwise you could just go “weeell, I’m already at a -5, so I might as well make this effect indefinite as well, for free! and cast it at sympathetic range across the planet on that Jim guy I met on chatroulette that one time!”). you guys’ve probably noticed that by now, anyway. I thought Chris unraveling the revenants was a good idea/moment, though, so pff, rules. long as play doesn’t grind to a halt it don’t bother me none.

    • Edward

      Rules can suck an egg. Well, sometimes. We’re getting there on the whole rules thing. Thanks for noticing

      • rules are only valuable in terms of how they make your game for fun to play!

        • drinking and commenting, best plan

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