Oct 302013

After their narrow escape from Noctis-Qianjiao, our team of former Firewall Sentinels must quickly find passage off of Mars in order to continue their investigation. They’ll have to travel back to the main belt, where an unscrupulous AGI code-named “Hyperion” is experimenting with the alien exsurgent virus. Using a sample that the Prometheus Syndicate obtained on Luna, back when the gang had their battle with Roland Heinrikson, Hyperion has engineered a plague that will devastate the remnants of transhumanity across the system and fulfill Seldon’s mathematical predictions. Can Lucas, Amir, Gavin and Elis shut down the operation, or will Hyperion permanently eliminate another set of variables from the equation? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • it’s hard to be really shocking with body horror these days, I dunno. tricky to reach a point where it’s not just “oh, so it’s like Alien, but ______?” I do love how fucked up PCs can get in Eclipse Phase, though.

    • You mean like, “Hey guys, I lost another arm.” “*sigh* OK, I’ll just grab one from the ball. *opens drawer, pulls out ball of arms, pulls off an arm and hands it over* There you go. Be more careful next time.”

      • XD just like that! if you cut off somebody’s arm in a non-transhuman/bullshit magic campaign, it’s a big deal forever. do it in a science game and it’s a big deal in the short term but can be fixed.

        • All told, things could be a lot worse. “Looks like Gavin got his torso blown off again. Someone grab his head so we can stick it in the healing vat when we get back to the ship.”

  • Nirvash

    I didn’t see no picture I was promised, this offends me greatly.

  • Chados

    The stick figure drawing I saw on Twitter awhile ago makes more sense now. Also, this was near the beginning of the fight, so I imagine it looked a whole hell of a lot worse at the end of the fight.

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