May 142014
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Introductions ◊ Dotty’s Dead Friend Makes Enemies ◊ Enoch Taunts Mr. Drakenslager ◊ Josie Wrough Welcomes the New Arrivals ◊ Ghosts of Candlewick Manor ◊ Pricilla Petty Picks a Fight ◊ The Orphans’ Sleeping Arrangements ◊ Barry Toink Blocks the Path ◊ Cecil Musk, Chef Sangrioli and a Midnight Snack ◊ The Ghost Under The Bed ◊ Altercation over Breakfast ◊ “Dr. Davenfirth” [sic] Administers an Aptitude Test ◊ Duncan Finds an Unlikely Mentor

In Rag-NERD-rok’s newest campaign, four Pathetic Children with unseemly abilities and unsettlingly monstrous deformities are transported to The Candlewick Home for the Unwanted and Unloved. There’s Duncan, a simple but amiable lad of ten. He may be a bit soft in the head, but he stands six feet tall and his torso is encased within a thick protective carapace, so it is unwise to arouse his ire. Enoch is a troubled child of nine whose fondness for his teddy bear and meticulously neat appearance would surely make him the target of other children’s scorn–if he couldn’t see their secret inner guilts and deepest sins, that is. Dotty is a sickly looking girl who often talks to herself or, really, the spirits of the departed that seem to flock to her at all hours of the day. There are times when she can even make them do her bidding. Finally, there’s Jareth–no, not that Jareth–a boy with a singular talent for always having what he needs on hand. Well, in hand, anyway–inside his hollow arm where he keeps all his stuff. What does the future hold for these four waifs, and–more importantly–can they survive their first night at Candlewick Manor? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Monsters and other Childish Things – “Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor”

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  • mm. I love Monsters. usually injecting kids into shit makes me roll my eyes, but it really does hit just the right pitch of…something. somehow it feels less like Pokemon for being about children than it would if it were about adults with nightmare companions. shame that you’re playing with weird skills rather’n monsters, but the arm more than makes up for it. the arm. the aaarm

  • Toku

    MAoCT is definitely one of my favorite systems, and I’m super excited to see you guys playing Candlewick again. Hoping the campaign lasts for a while, since most of the people I listened to who played Candlewick didn’t get many sessions in. I’m super curious about what happens later.

    • As of now, we’ve got three more sessions recorded, and the action doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon. Everyone seems to enjoy playing their characters and getting themselves into more and more trouble, so I anticipate we’ll be pushing the Candlewick campaign framework into at least Phase II. I’m really excited about the next game (which will be Session 5) because I’m sending the orphans to their first day of public school and opening up the map of Candlewick Township for them to explore for the first time.

      It’s going to be fun! 😀

      • toku

        If their characters personalities haven’t changed since the first session, then they’re probably going to make a lot of friends in both those places

  • Great characters in this one.

  • Chados

    Just started working my way through this campaign. I actually bought the core book on an Arc Dream sale a little while back, but haven’t even cracked the book open. Listening to you guys play is getting me interested!

    Loving the character concepts, but really digging Meyer’s “Duncan” character.

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