May 282014
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In this week’s episode, The Titor House appears in the far future, where a tense stalemate exists between The Adversaries and The Employers. It seems as though the opposition has a secret weapon, some sort of espionage device that could turn the tide in their favor. As such, it’s up to Freddie, Gertrude, Patrick, Jack, Dan, Malcolm and Brandon to journey to The Adversaries’ stronghold, discover what it is they’re hiding, and either destroy it or capture it for their mysterious benefactors. However, first they’ll need to cross a foreboding desert crawling with murderous raiders. As they journey towards their goal, the Titor House team begin experiencing bizarre memory skips, the true cause of which none of their powers can reveal. Can they make it to The Adversaries’ fortress in The Forbidden City, or will they end up as the captives of barbarous slave traders? Listen to find out!

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