Aug 132014
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It’s been a year since the terrorists dropped crystals of Ice-Nine into the water sources of the world’s population centers, plunging humanity into a deepening crisis. As the frozen death spread outward from its various origins, the inhabitable areas have shrunk and the weather has grown increasingly violent. Now, one man has created a vehicle that can survive the devastating conditions of the contamination zone, providing the survivors with their first opportunity to reverse the process that is slowly killing their environment. A dying national guardsman, an alcoholic engineer, a depressive medic and a guilt-ridden scientist set off on an epic journey to retrieve the mother crystal of Ice-Nine from Austin, Texas, in the hopes of finding a way to undo the destruction. But in order to complete their mission, they’ll have to face a lot more than harsh terrain and terrifying ice tornadoes. Forces of opposition are stirring in the wastes, enemies that will push the team to its limits and force them to confront their own personal demons. Will their desperate gambit succeed, or will their mission be lost in the cold? Listen to find out!

  • Whyco

    Great AP guys, I was surprised to see this one-off pop up among your currently ongoing series but it’s really refreshing to hear you get stuck into new gaming systems. Do you have a backlog of games you’re sitting on that you’d be willing to open up for donations?
    *scratches futilely at the AP track marks on his forearms*

    • Alex

      Thanks! Glad you liked this one as much as we did.

      And I’m glad to hear you express interest in paying us. Money is awesome! We’ve actually been batting around the idea of setting up a Patreon or something like that, but we weren’t sure if people would be open to it. But since it seems there is, it’s something we’ll discuss more seriously. What other kind of benefits would you like to see besides access to APs?

      • Whyco

        I’d be happy to chip in for a monthly subscription to help you guys along, fresh Ragnerdrok is a high-point to my week. Wasn’t there discussion of a comic at some stage? It’d be pretty sweet to get a Meyer-crafted short comic with a story you guys have put together?

  • Omega

    I would not recommend putting a clip in your magazine, you’d probably break something and then it would be very messy. Bullets everywhere. Just rolling around on the floor. Why, someone could trip!

    • Chris

      Seeing how we roll sometimes, we might be better off throwing the bullets on the floor and hoping someone will trip.

      • Omega

        I mean, marbles are much cheaper if you want to use that tactic. Bullets are expensive, that’s why you shouldn’t waste ’em.

  • crawlkill

    my brain short-circuited at the idea that making water freeze at room temperature would somehow create coldness. then I remembered, Hollywood parody, must deactivate science, rational thought.

    • Chris

      If you haven’t already, give Kurt Vonnegut’s book Cat’s Cradle ('s_Cradle) a try. That is where Ice-9 comes from. In the book, the ice-9 doesn’t change the temperature of anything, but causes water to freeze at room temperature by changing the way ice forms on a molecular level. Also it is a more cataclysmic event when ice-9 is introduced to, if I remember correctly, the Caribbean sea. And Bokononism! Its a very good book.

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