Aug 062014
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One year after the tragicomic events of the First Annual Nettle Chili Cook-off, the town is on the verge of collapse. A vicious army of orc mercenaries holds the townsfolk hostage, seemingly in collusion with Lord Edwardson, the greedy nobleman who rules Nettle Manor. Choking taxes and tariffs have driven the market traders away, and the fields have lain fallow since the onset of an unnatural drought that dried up the river. Those who leave town have their property confiscated, resorting to banditry on the roads, while those who remain starve in their homes. Nettle’s citizens need a hero—or better yet, a team of heroes!—to rescue them from certain doom. When Barnabas, the faithful paladin of Techumsah, journeys forth in search of just such a band of champions, he finds a motley gang of adventurers who just might do the trick. There’s Avon, the wizard who was cast out of town as a youngster, struggling to be a good person in spite of himself. Pendrel, the bard, left Nettle over a decade ago to seek his fortune as a musician, but ended up a captive in an ogre’s lair. Finally, there’s Taeros, an elf druid traveling south from the Great White Tundra, who befriends the Nettlers and throws his lot in with their cause. Can this ragtag group of heroes save Nettle from the aftermath of a fiasco? Listen to find out!

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