Feb 252015
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

In the winter of 1920, a group of explorers set out from England to the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago to find the body of James Blackbourne, an aristocratic world traveler who died while working as a mining surveyor in the arctic desert. Blackbourne’s older brother, an academic socialite, has financed the expedition in order to learn his sibling’s fate, gathering a group of experts to assist him on his quest. There’s Anatoly Markov, former gamekeeper for the Russian Czar and newly expatriated arctic survival expert. Warren Appleton—of the Boston Appletons—was chosen for his completely legitimate credentials in a stunning variety of fields. Finally, there’s Kristopher Blackbourne, a distant cousin of the family working as a private detective in San Francisco. Armed with their wits and accompanied by their teams of sled dogs, these brave Investigators set out into the polar night to discover what befell James Blackbourne and his fellow surveyors. The horror they find in an abandoned shelter might just drive them insane, if it doesn’t kill them first.

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