Jul 152015
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Packed to bursting with quirky living objects, Mrs. Ketcham’s attic has always been a special place, but is it a fantastical wonderland of enchantment and whimsy, or an eldritch prison for those unfortunate enough to meddle with ancient cosmic forces? Two hapless Cthulhu Mythos investigators find themselves transformed into toys after a confrontation with cultists, but that may be the least of their worries. One finds acceptance in the attic as a hero of the Red Team on the Foosball table, while the other skirts the edges of madness as he adjusts to his new life as the littlest Matryoshka doll. When Old Mrs. Ketcham unexpectedly dies and her relatives put the house up for sale, the denizens of the attic worry that they will surely be junked. Their only hope is to retrieve a copy of The Necronomicon from a neighbor’s private collection and use the lunatic ravings of Abdul Alhazred to restore the two toys to their former human forms. Aided by the largest Matryoshka doll, they set out to make the perilous journey, but the forces of madness conspire against them. A rival from the Yellow Team vows to get to the book first, invoking the fearsome power of his unspeakable King to do so. Can they defeat the agent of evil, break the curse that stripped them of their humanity, and rescue the rest of Mrs. Ketcham’s living sundries from the scrap heap? Listen to find out!

This Fiasco was created using “The Fun and Exciting World of Antiquing” Playset, penned by our very own Edward Cress. Feel free to use it to create your own Fiascos, and be sure to leave a comment. If you would like to hear the setup for this session, you can listen to it here.

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